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History of Hana

Written by lcampbell on 14 Dec, 2003

The history of Hana is long and complex, and I can only give a very basic starting outline. History buffs can likely find plenty of books that include Hana history, and the lovely volunteers at the Hana Cultural Center can be very helpful.…Read More

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Hana Practicalities

Written by lcampbell on 14 Dec, 2003

There are definitely some practical things you should know about when visiting Hana, especially if you are coming on an extended visit. The first is that dining options are very limited. Actually, I’d say the situation is just barely a step above non-existent.…Read More

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Hana Highway

Written by lcampbell on 14 Dec, 2003

The Road to Hana is a famous one. Full of twists and turns – over 600 curves in all – and 54 one-lane bridges, the Hana Highway was once an activity only for the intrepid driver. More and more, visitors to Maui are…Read More

A Few More Observations

Written by baen on 10 May, 2005

You will hear that everything, especially food, is more expensive in Hawaii. We didn't find this to be necessarily true, and I estimate expenses at around 10% higher than at home in Mississippi. We heard the people in Hawaii were fantastic. We found this…Read More

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