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Stories and Tips Capri

Amazing Day

Written by mao90 on 31 Jul, 2012

Luigi was an amazing tour guide and he really made a difference for our tour of Capri. Hiring Luigi as a guide (which included a private taxi for our Capri day visit) was the best decision we made as we have visited the Blue Grotto…Read More

Capri Restaurants

Written by lovethecaribbean on 26 Jun, 2011

La Minerva- we had a "light lunch" at our hotel by the pool. I had spaghetti with tomato and my husband had spaghetti with tomato and prawns. Fresh and delicious!Ai Faraglioni- We enjoyed this restaurant and the waiters were very friendly. I…Read More

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Capri Activities and Tips

Written by lovethecaribbean on 26 Jun, 2011

We took the ferry from Positano to Capri. We used porters to get our luggage to the ferry port in Positano and also from the ferry port in Capri to our hotel. I highly recommend this if you have bulky luggage. Expensive,…Read More

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Sublime Capri

Written by cflecker on 08 Sep, 2010

My husband had told me a lot about Capri in the weeks leading up to our visit, mostly telling me how much I'd love it. I believed him until we got off the boat, where there was a lot of boat exhaust, garbage in…Read More

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It's a Paradise

Written by Zhebiton on 08 Jun, 2010

The most amazing place that we discovered - is Capri. When I read in reviews about the fact that Capri - a paradise on earth, I thought it was exaggerated. But when we got to Capri, we realized that calling it a paradise, people underestimated!…Read More

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Expensive Isle

Written by rufusni on 19 Feb, 2010

We headed for the marina in Sorrento to get a ferry over to Capri reasonable early one morning - to be honest heading over we lounged and a bit of a snooze - to arrive at Capri and find ourselves in a bustling harbour. It…Read More


Written by jorisc on 13 Aug, 2007

It takes you about one hour and a half to travel by boat from Amalfi to Capri and it will cost you approx 14 euros (one way). Honestly, if you only have a couple of days to spend at the Amalfi coast, don’t go! You’ll…Read More

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Amusing Myself While The Better Half Goes to the B

Written by KJP on 01 Dec, 2005

I learned while visiting Capri that the word "beach" is relative. In Capri’s case, take a narrow strip of rock, fill it in with a few truckloads of pebbly sand brought over from the mainland, sprinkle in a few umbrellas amid a bit of outdoor…Read More

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A Brief History of the Island

Written by KJP on 01 Dec, 2005

Capri has been inhabited since the paleolithic age, when it was still attached to the mainland. The Greeks were the first in recorded history known to occupy the island, which presumably gets its name from the Greek word for wild boar, "kapros," rather than the…Read More

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Getting to Capri: A Survival Guide

Written by KJP on 01 Dec, 2005

Unless you’re already on the Amalfi coast in Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, or Salerno, Naples provides the most efficient ferry and hydrofoil route to Capri. The porto at Sorrento is your best option among the Amalfi coast ports, offering more than twenty departures to the island…Read More

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