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The fairy-tale city of Harun al-Rashid

Written by jorgejuan on 12 Mar, 2006

Iraq, like North Korea, Afghanistan, and Bhutan, is a very hard country to visit today. In Amman, Jordan, I met four individual Spanish travellers. The Iraqi embassy in Madrid imposed us the conditions to travel in a group of a minimum of five persons to…Read More

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50 degrees Celsius in the shade . . .

Written by GuerillaScribe on 21 Aug, 2003

This is the town called Mosul, which is not the town that forgot under Saddam Hussein. The streets are wide and the traffic thick, like arteries after a fat man downing a bucket of the Kentucky Colonel's finest original recipe. The stares are voluminous, even through…Read More

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Baghdad to Balad

Written by C2WnDC on 16 Apr, 2005

The loadmaster in the back of the C-130 in which we were flying came by and yelled over the engine’s roar, "Buckle up, we’re going to land." Then, the lights went out completely: no red no chem lights, only blackness. When beginning…Read More

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Temple of Ur - An Naseriah

Written by C2WnDC on 15 Apr, 2005

This was not our destination, not even close, but Tallil is as far north as we could get on the Chinook. Besides, one of our sister units, whose operations’ officer was a good friend, was stationed there. We landed around noon, and I…Read More

Bright stars at night . . .

Written by GuerillaScribe on 21 Aug, 2003

They say the stars at night are big and bright in Texas, but the Lone Star state ain't got nothing in the terrain around the Sinjar mountains of northern Iraq. I lay on the floor of the crevasse, nestled with my flak jacket as a…Read More

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Written by mainw on 11 Jul, 2003

The amenities from place to place differ widely depending on your choice of vacation spot. If you desired "palace" accommodations, that is what you got. During our palace visit there was no running water or electricity. The U.S. Army and Airforce had just begun some…Read More

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Al Jaber Air Base

Written by C2WnDC on 14 Apr, 2005

Jaber, we were told, is where we would catch our C-130 to Balad, Iraq. Like good soldiers, we arrived early and signed in with the operations’ desk. Then we took advantage of the fabled mess hall on the base. It was great.…Read More

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