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Stories and Tips Hilo

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Snorkeling the Tidal Pools

Written by MilwVon on 17 Sep, 2009

We have always enjoyed snorkeling and when the water's calm, it is nice to snorkel right off the shoreline . . . assuming you can get to the water. The Big Island has a lot of coastal area with very rough entry due to…Read More

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A 100 Mile Drive Through Paradise

Written by MilwVon on 16 Sep, 2009

The road between Kailua-Kona and the Puna Region of The Big Island of Hawaii has a lot of opportunities to see and experience much of what this unique Hawaiian island has to offer visitors. It is what keeps us coming back, time and again!As…Read More

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State Parks Near Hilo

Written by MilwVon on 30 Dec, 2006

There are a lot of nice state parks throughout the Big Island. There are two that bear mentioning, due to their unique natural features created by lava (Lava Tree State Park) and water (Akaka Falls State Park). They are on opposite sides of Hilo, one…Read More

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Exploring the Puna Volcano Region

Written by MilwVon on 11 Aug, 2006

Just south of Hilo on the easternmost area of the Big Island is Puna. No area has been affected more by the volcanic activity of recent years. Entire towns have been buried by flowing lava, lives lost and property forever taken away. Plan on this…Read More

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A Mother & Her Son

Written by MilwVon on 11 Aug, 2006

This was a very special trip for us. My mother-in-law is getting older (aren't we all) and lives pretty far from us. We had a great time. As you can see from these photos, they are both very happy!! There is another reason for my…Read More

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Hilo-to-Honomu Road Trip

Written by MilwVon on 11 Aug, 2006

The drive along this stretch of Highway 19 can be very long and boring. Don't let that frustrate you or cause you to lull yourself into missing what sights there are along your journey. Going north away from Hilo, there are several places to pull…Read More

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Richardson's Beach Park

Written by wegian on 28 May, 2005

Richardson’s Beach can be found near the end of Kalanianaole Street, which begins at the intersection of Routes 19 and 11. It is a secluded black-sand beach that has a spectacular view of snow-capped Mauna Kea from across Hilo Bay. The waters are…Read More

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Hilo Day Trip

Written by TheAllens on 27 Dec, 2003

About an hour east of Sea Mountain is the town of Hilo. The road is relatively straight, compared to the route to Kona, going up the mountain to the Volcano and then down the other side into town. Hilo has a variety of attractions, including Banyan…Read More

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Kailua-Kona Day Trip

Written by TheAllens on 27 Dec, 2003

A nice, scenic drive is found in a day trip to Kailua Kona. The drive is about 65 miles and takes about 90 minutes. You will pass through Na’alehu, just about 8 miles west, where a good place to stop is the Punaluu Bakery. On…Read More

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Hilo to Waimea to Kona

Written by rubylu on 28 Dec, 2006

We headed north out of Hilo after breakfast at Ken's. The drive to Kona takes just a couple of hours, but there are plenty of places worth a stop, so we took the whole afternoon.Just a few miles north of Hilo, there's a four-mile scenic…Read More

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