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Pithagorio 2 – the invisible waterfall.

Written by beckyt on 15 Jun, 2004

Over an early dinner on my first night in Pithagorio I sat reading my tour guides and noticed that one mentioned a lovely waterfall, about 10-15 minutes walk from Pithagorio. I decided that early the next morning (about 7am – to beat the heat) I…Read More

Pithagorio (Pythagorio)

Written by beckyt on 15 Jun, 2004

On arrival, at 8am in the morning, I was so tired that with a quick cursory look around I wrote off the place as having nothing to offer. This view wasn’t helped by the early troubles I had finding a room. "It’s peak season .…Read More

A Brief Description of Samos

Written by beckyt on 15 Jun, 2004

Picking Samos turned out to be a good choice as in traveling there I would be taken right across the Aegean Sea, nearly all the way to the Turkish coast. In fact, Samos is only 2km from Turkey at its closest point, but to be…Read More

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Samos – Getting There

Written by beckyt on 15 Jun, 2004

After four days of sunbathing and wandering the streets of Naxos, getting sunburnt, and then recovering; I decided it was time to move on. So with much deliberation, and with bags and guidebooks in hand, I sat for my last cocktail evening in the same…Read More

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Classical Sights

Written by Peter Reed on 17 May, 2003

The Pythagorio region has the main archaeological sites. Close by is the Tunnel of Eupalinus - this is an aqueduct built underground in around 564BC. A visit costs four euros - beware the entrance is very narrow down about five steep steps and then there…Read More

Leaving Samos – My way is not recommended!

Written by beckyt on 15 Jun, 2004

After another day on the small Pithagorio town beach, I went into the town to ring home and let them all know I was still alive and well. My mum was glad I was still alive and let me know that the rest of the…Read More

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Wild life!

Written by Peter Reed on 16 May, 2003

Various wildlife can be encountered. At Potami watch underfoot, see chameleons. You may turn a corner to come across a goatherd. Near the Melissa apartments are some small farms - one which includes a couple of ostrich - they like to be fed the grass…Read More

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Written by Peter Reed on 16 May, 2003

These are just some of the beautiful flowers that adorn the island at every turn. As well as the wild flowers, many gardens are carefully kept with Geraniums, Roses, and, of course fruit and vines. The profusion of flowers accounts for the production of the…Read More

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Mountain tour

Written by Peter Reed on 16 May, 2003

We toured up in the mountains to the beautiful village of Manolates. A steep climb but the views are worth it. Little narrow streets with flowers everywhere hanging from the houses and in pots along the streets. Also visited the waterfalls at Potami in the…Read More

Find Yourself in Platanos

Written by poppy platias on 02 Apr, 2009

Platanos is a small village high above sea level in Samos where you can afford to slow down and draw a deep breath before being thrown into the hustle and bustle of more touring.The appeal of this village is of its great vista over the…Read More

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