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Walking Around Downtown Asuncion

Written by SeenThat on 24 Mar, 2007

In the hottest month of the year, by noon, I arrived to Asuncion for the first time. As I approached downtown my excitement grew, because the place reminded me of a much loved city. A wide, lazy river delimited it on one side, the houses…Read More

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Who Moved My Mate? On South American Infusions

Written by SeenThat on 23 Mar, 2007

Moving through South America can play confusing games with the Spanish language; the same noun can refer to different objects. Usually, that is of no concern to the casual traveller, unless it is related to food or other basic needs.Despite the fabulous coffees of Brazil…Read More

Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay: Spanish Variants

Written by SeenThat on 17 Mar, 2007

At first sight South America is a linguistically simple continent for the visitor: Spanish and Portuguese complete the list of main official languages in the vast majority of the continent and both are related. However, South America suffers of a great variety of extreme landscapes…Read More

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Crossing the Paraguayan Chaco

Written by SeenThat on 16 Mar, 2007

In a continent full of strange landscapes, the Chaco is one of the most bizarre. If it was a complete desert it would be easier to describe. Suffering of unreliable rains, the yellowish sand fits only for wild shrubs to grow; reaching up to three…Read More

The tricks of entering Paraguay to see Jesuit ruins

Written by louisejohnsson1 on 08 Sep, 2004

Paraguay is not a country that necessarily operates in the same was say as – United States or Sweden. One thing is for sure - it is passport stamping galore to get in there. Coming from Argentina, in order to leave one needs to obtain…Read More


Written by panda2 on 06 May, 2007

Taxis here are quite a different experience here, better know some Spanish to communicate easier, either negotiate a fare if you know how much it should be by asking the staff at your hotel if starting from there, or others were you're starting from, or be on…Read More

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Shopping in Asuncion

Written by celestemy on 03 May, 2007

One afternoon my sister-in-law took us to the Mariscal Lopez Shopping Mall. It is a modern shopping mall, just like in the U.S., but we also found a wonderful little store that sells original art by Paraguayan artists. For less than $500 we brought home two…Read More

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