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Sleepy little Mega Town

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 15 Mar, 2012

Megalopolis, as the name suggests, was a major regional centre in Arcadia, the first one of the kind when it was founded around 370BC as a counterweight to Sparta. Nowadays it remains the largest town of the area (though the capital of the whole of…Read More

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A village clinging to the hillside: Karitena

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 14 Mar, 2012

From Kleitoria and the Lake Caves of Kastria (which used to be in Arcadia in historical times but are now in the administrative region of Achaia) we drive across the increasingly wilder mountains of Peloponnese into the Arcadia proper. The name has many associations…Read More

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Wild South

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 07 Oct, 2011

Mani is the new Tuscany, one could say, or perhaps one doesn't need to say anything but that Mani seems to be one of those slightly snobby destinations with a certain mystique attached to it. It is possible that it was all started by…Read More

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Greek birthday

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 07 Oct, 2011

Travelling long-term with children throws up many challenges, some of them less obvious than others. Among the latter ones is the fact that if you are on the road for several months then it's quite likely that a child's birthday will fall within the…Read More

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Quintessential Greek Harbour Village

Written by MagdaDH_AlexH on 07 Oct, 2011

"Gythio is lovely," said everybody we met on the western side of the Mani peninsula. This itself made me a bit suspicious as I find that places that are "lovely" tend to be busy tourist traps if visited in the high summer season, and it…Read More

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Let's relax by the seaside for a week (or so I was told).

Written by isleroyal on 07 May, 2003

Ah, Easter vacation . . . we have left the hustle and bustle of Athens behind, endured what was to be a three-hour drive (shades of Gilligans Island), that turned into 6.5 hours of detours and hairpin turns over the mountains with beautiful vistas (a…Read More

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An Unexpected Visit to Methana

Written by Re Carroll on 15 Jun, 2003

I hadn’t anticipated visiting Methana but fate had other plans. I was on the ferry from Piraeus to Aegina but didn’t disembark quickly enough at Aegina. Before I knew it, the boat was pulling away from the dock and I was headed towards the next…Read More

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Review: Lonely Planet Peloponnese

Written by Marianne on 28 Aug, 2003

Lonely Planet: The PeloponneseDavid Willett 1st edition, March 2003 ISBN 1–74059–014–7 US$ 13.99 £13.99 I trust LP blindly and bought this guidebook without studying it closely. This was a mistake because it is not the first edition at all. It is a reprint with some minor additions of…Read More

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