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Shelling on the Beach

Written by SFPhotocraft on 14 Apr, 2005

I think we all have had that expierence of getting lost and actually finding something more interesting than the thing you were looking for in the first place. This was our expierence on Galveston Island. We got up early as we planned to…Read More

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Written by Jose Kevo on 07 Jul, 2004

Shame on Me! Coming home from work the day after this plan had hatched, I was still trying to wrap my mind around the extreme spontaneity that had became almost as foreign as my usual travel list. One thing that was certain: I looked…Read More

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WAL-MART - Can't Leave Home Without It!

Written by Jose Kevo on 07 Jul, 2004

If you've grown tired of all the traditional I See Something... roadtrip games, here's a new one to test drive: count the number of Wal Marts you pass for the duration of your trip and expect passengers (including driver) to need all twenty toes and…Read More

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Mardi Gras Festival - Galveston

Written by pkysjc on 14 Mar, 2004

We decided to begin our Mardi Gras cruise, which would also be stopping in New Orleans for three days for their Mardi Gras, by attending what I call "The Other Mardi Gras" in Galveston. The first thing we noticed was when getting to the…Read More

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Written by CDub on 19 Mar, 2005

The Curiosity Shoppe (fine papers and gifts) is a nice little store that sells things my wife and daughters love to buy. The Curiosity Shoppe has a large collection of items for the house, the office, and gag-type gifts for friends. I particularly liked the…Read More

Where's the Trolley?

Written by dennistravels on 12 May, 2003

I love anything that travels on rails so I was looking forward to our trip to Galveston because of the Galveston Island Trolley. According to the guide books I read, the trolley is a recreation of the cars that provided many Galvestonians transportation from the late…Read More

Island History

Written by Stircrazy on 22 Aug, 2000

Galveston was named for Bernardo de Galvez, a Spanish colonial governor and general. Galvez sent Jose de Evia to chart the Gulf of Mexico from the Texas Coast to New Orleans, and on July 23, 1786 de Evia charted an area near the mouth of…Read More

Review of Four Seasons on the Gulf

Written by doloresb on 17 Apr, 2005

Pots and other "stuff" are just thrown helter-skelter into the cupboard. I told them on the third day that a cup was missing, and since I didn't tell them within 24 hours, I was told it would cost me $3. I bought the same…Read More

Shoreline Dentistry

Written by Mrs.Peel on 03 Dec, 2002

Shoreline Dentistry is above Wings next to the Holiday Inn on the Seawall. Dr. Blankenship is loved by his patients. EVERYONE thinks he is so gentle and understanding. He does good work too. The best part, I think, is that all…Read More

Why you never see any boats near Galveston Beaches

Written by Mrs. J on 20 Oct, 2000

I've been going to Galveston for many years and have never seen any boats at the beach. I always thought there was some sort of law against it. My father took us out in his fishing boats to the bays, the Intercoastal Waterways…Read More

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