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Day 1 - Prambanan Archaeological Park & others

Written by beautysan on 28 Nov, 2006

We flew to Jogjakarta from Bali with the purpose of only seeing Prambanan temple and Borobudur temple - the best of Jogjakarta. Upon arrival at the airport, I happily headed towards the tourist information counter. Although they are government tourist information centre (or at least…Read More

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Imogiri, Pilgrimage to the Royal Cemetery

Written by dinartx on 04 Aug, 2005

History Imogiri is the name given to the royal cemetery located 20 km to the south of Jogjakarta. The cemetery complex was build by Sultan Agung, one of the Moslem kings of Mataram, Surakarta and Jogjakarta Kingdoms. He passed away in 1645 and was…Read More

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Written by dinartx on 18 Jul, 2005

Java is very well-known for the batiks. People paint batik from plain fabrics like cotton or silk with paraffin. If you go to Malioboro Street in Jogjakarta, there are a lot of batik shops and stalls, but if you want to see how to…Read More

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Day 2 - Borobudur

Written by beautysan on 28 Nov, 2006

We have pre-booked the driver to come fetch us from Delta Homestay at 4am. He only turned up around 4.30am. We reached Borobudur Archaeological Park around 5.15am and went straight into Manohara Hotel to register for their 'exclusive' sunrise tour (see my other entry on…Read More

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The Wedding

Written by Lively on 13 Apr, 2003

If you get the opportunity to attend a Javanese wedding you simply must go. Even if you do not feel you know the couple well, please go! There are a couple of reasons for this: 1. Indonesian people invite everyone they know to their…Read More

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