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Fitting in...

Written by theghanadian on 24 Mar, 2004

One of the things that made me quite different from Africans was my skin color. To some people that was a big deal when traveling in West Africa of Africa in General but to me it really didn’t mean a thing. I felt just like…Read More

December 31st Market

Written by OBRONI on 17 Apr, 2003

This is a "must" for all -- do not leave Ghana without going to this place. It is chaos -- how no one gets run over or falls down, I do not know. If you can get a Ghanaian to take you, do -- I know several…Read More

The National Arts Centre

Written by eezi on 16 Jul, 2000

This is the place every tourist gets sent to by any guide or tourist book to buy Ghanaian 'things': wooden masks, carvings, fertility dolls, kente cloth, beads, brass figurines. The name is something of a misnomer. This is more a craft market than an artist's…Read More

Putting the FUN back into FUNerals

Written by JOHNRABBETT on 30 Jun, 2003

This is just something that I felt people should be made aware of, so they won't stare and insult the dead. In Ghana, it is traditional to bury a person in amazing looking coffins. The coffins are brightly coloured and come in a variety of…Read More

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