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Relishing the local cuisine- Joydeb Sarkar’s hotel

Written by Vaidya on 04 Aug, 2005

When you come out of the resort, the first shop that you come across on the other side of the road is Joydeb Sarkar’s hotel. Like most of the shops, the owner’s name is prominently written on the big board. This hotel has a mud…Read More

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The jetty at Raichak

Written by Vaidya on 04 Aug, 2005

The Raichak Jetty is the place from where launches are available to go to Kukerhatee, leading to the industrial town of Haldia. Going through Raichak and Kukerhatee is the fastest way one can go from Kolkata to Haldia. A trip to Kukerhatee costs Rs. 7=00.…Read More

The village in the mornings

Written by Vaidya on 04 Aug, 2005

There are many beautiful villages just outside the resort. From a distance, they look like green and brown specks - a part of the fairyland. We decided to have a look at the village. The muddy path leading to the village and reaching to each…Read More

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