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The sacred precinct of the Pythoness - or how I came very close to seeing Delphi

Written by actonsteve on 01 Jan, 2007

The ancient Greeks called Delphi "the navel of the world"...High in the mountains of central Greece, forty miles from Athens, lies the ruins of one of the most mysterious places in the ancient world.Delphi was where you communicated with a 'divine presence'. The presence showed…Read More

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The convent of Ayiou Stefanou - nuns, religious icons and a drop to infinity

Written by actonsteve on 01 Jan, 2007

Viewing the monasteries can be terrifying...At one point I was perched on a rounded rock overlooking the massive valley of the Meteora. The surface was smooth and shiny and the footing was precarious. Genuinely worrying was the other twenty people on this rock all trying…Read More

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Varlaam Monastery - Monks, icons and a terrifying way of ascent

Written by actonsteve on 01 Jan, 2007

In medieval times there was only one way of reaching Varlaam monastery - winch and net.A visitor could be hauled up in a rope net - half an hour of giddy twirling with the only sound being the rope slipping through the capstan. What thoughts…Read More

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Head for heights? - the practicalities of visiting the Meteora

Written by actonsteve on 01 Jan, 2007

The Monasteries of the Meteora came to the worlds attention in 1981 when they were shown on the big screen in For Your Eyes Only. The ancient monasteries perched high above the Thessalian plain became the perfect Bond villain hideout. The scenery and setting were…Read More

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Church of the Dormition of the Virgin

Written by Re Carroll on 15 Sep, 2000

This Byzantine Church is the only tourist attraction actually located in Kalambaka. It doesn’t have the grandeur or wealth of the nearby Meteora monasteries but it is a very peaceful place and worth a visit. It was built in the 10th or 11th…Read More

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Written by sr92111 on 21 Feb, 2001

The following pictures are of some of the monasteries. There aren't many places inside where you can take pictures, but here are a couple of examples of the incredible artistry that has survived since the 1200's. I've also included a picture of my favorite monastery…Read More

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