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Taking a Day Trip to Delphi

Written by lashr1999 on 31 Oct, 2005

One thing you have to remember if you take a day tour bus trip from Athens is that you have to prepare yourself to wake up with the sunrise. Most trips take off around 6:30am. That's not so good if you have had a late…Read More

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About The Excavated Minoan Village

Written by AurelieFrenchie on 24 Jul, 2004

This is probably one of the most interesting archaeological sites I have seen in Greece so far, because the Akrotiri has been kept as it was before the volcano eruption that buried it. The archaeologists haven’t restored it and are not trying to rebuild the…Read More

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The Red Beach On The Devil's Island

Written by AurelieFrenchie on 06 Aug, 2004

The beaches on Santorini are bizarre; they 're made of long black stretches of volcanic sand that get extremely hot in the afternoon sun. The Red Beach is even more spectacular because it has red but also white and black sand when you walk further…Read More

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Highlights and Lowlights - Mykonos

Written by pletch99 on 20 Oct, 2002

During the sixties and seventies, Mykonos built up a reputation as a destination for gay travellers. While it is certainly true that the island still welcomes thousands of gay visitors each year, these days, the crowds are much more mixed. Indeed the presence of a…Read More

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Rhodes--"The Da Vinci Code" and Knights Templar

Written by lashr1999 on 11 Nov, 2005

After eating breakfast, we headed to do the tour of Lindos, which is a town on the east coast of the island of Rhodes. It was a long drive to get there. When there, I thought that you could take a tram to the top…Read More

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Patmos--Island with Religious History and Mystery

Written by lashr1999 on 11 Nov, 2005

Instead of taking the ships tour of Patmos, we decided to take a cab to the Cave of Revelation. The ships tour cost about 46 Euro each, while instead we would pay less than 5 Euro each round-trip to take a cab that would wait for…Read More

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Written by lashr1999 on 11 Nov, 2005

In Kusadasi, Turkey, I took an optional excursion to Ephesus. Ephesus is considered to be one of the greatest outdoor museums in Turkey due to the variety of structures that have been excavated and remained intact. An ancient story tells how the city of Ephesus…Read More

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Mykonos--Guide for Saints and Sinners

Written by lashr1999 on 11 Nov, 2005

Guide for saints Mykonos is one of the smallest of the Cyclades Islands of Greece. It is only 7 miles wide and 10 miles long. Greek mythology suggests that the huge rocks around the island are really the remains of the last giants that Hercules killed.…Read More

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A few days in Ayios Nikolaos

Written by AurelieFrenchie on 30 Jul, 2004

During the past 20 years the town of Áyios Nikólaos (8,130 inhabitants), about 43 miles (69km) east of Heraklion, has boomed under the patronage of package-tour groups who fill up hotels along the coastline. During the summer months, the harbour area, with its numerous restaurants,…Read More

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The Hot Springs

Written by AurelieFrenchie on 13 Aug, 2004

After walking for about an hour on the caldera, taking pictures of the scenery and observing the details of the caldera, we got back to our boat and headed up to the hot volcanic springs where everybody jumped straight from the boat in the sea.…Read More

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