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Exciting events, easy day trips

Written by marif on 18 Jun, 2012

Toulouse is undisputedly a lively and fashionable city of stature, one of France’s most busy and exciting cities to explore. Apart from its web of Old Town streets, narrow lanes and quaint quarters, all filled in to capacity with clusters of medieval buildings, Toulouse is…Read More

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From Toulouse, step to the Atlantic

Written by marif on 12 Jun, 2012

Standing about 80 miles southwest of Toulouse and some thirty miles south of Lourdes, the Western Pyrenees consist of an awesome mountain chain that forms a natural boundary between France and Spain. Dotted with small pretty villages, solitary monasteries, ruined castles and typical Romanesque churches,…Read More

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Staunch Belief or Making Money out of Religion?

Written by marif on 17 May, 2012

The Pyrenees lie south of Toulouse. Between this bustling city and the mountainous Spanish border, numerous picturesque villages and country towns lie hidden here and there amidst rich pastures or deep vales. Most of these small villages and towns, caressed by rugged peaks, flowing streams…Read More

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Impressive Workmanship and Pink Brickwork

Written by marif on 09 May, 2012

Toulouse is a city of contrasting faces, each face having its own distinct features and peculiarities. Reminders of age past rub shoulders with modern developments, Romanesque art treasures with impressionist painting collections, narrow charming cobbled streets with grand boulevards and huge broad thoroughfares and small…Read More

Toulouse your Luggage Maybe!?

Written by dangaroo on 27 Dec, 2008

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is based 8km northwest of Toulouse and has direct access to the motorway which runs north-south making it rather easily accesable.The airport is rather on the small side, with not too much in the way of shops but enough to keep you…Read More

Tourism Office

Written by cabanaboy on 04 Mar, 2003

If all else fails, a good place to visit is the Tourism Office, with great ideas to fill your day. See the following link: click here.…Read More

CyberKing - Internet cafe

Written by FionaMel on 20 Sep, 2003

I had difficulty finding an internet cafe in Toulouse, which surprised me given the size of the city and the number of students. If you need to check your email or update your journals you can go to CyberKing at 31, rue Gambetta. Their prices…Read More

great place

Written by srayes87 on 01 Feb, 2011

great place to visit a lot of wonderful cities nearby night life is amazing shopping the best a lot of great tourist attractions wonderful place to go to vacation with family or friends…Read More

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