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Port Aransas/Aransas Pass

Written by melissabowman on 28 May, 2007

Port Aransas was probably the highlight of our trip. Like I have already mentioned before Mustang Island and Padre Island were pretty lifeless, but Port Aransas had more of what we are looking for. We spent most of the day in car driving around but…Read More

More Specifics about Mustang Beach Club

Written by davidjane on 06 Nov, 2005

We met some people who recommended this place because it has "character." The problems with this resort do not fit my description of "character"--they just spell gross. They were as disgusted as us, and they hadn't even seen any bugs yet. My 4-year-old picked up…Read More

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Breezy Mustang Island - Port Aransas

Written by beach_lvr on 01 Oct, 2004

Sept. 26, 2004 - Driving alone down the southern end of I-35, the landscape surrounding the highway begins to turn sandy. I notice a large, black digital sign announcing a 30-minute wait at the ferry landing I know will transport me (and my car) from…Read More

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Best Resorts and Restaurants

Written by beach_lvr on 20 Sep, 2004

Resorts - The best properties to stay at here are: Sandpiper, Seagull (harder to find accommodations for this hotel on the web, but as nice as Sandpiper), Mustang Towers, Sandcastle and Port Royale (not as affordable as the aforementioned). I will say that I…Read More

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Palacios Baptist Encampment 50 Years Later

Written by kstraveler on 07 Apr, 2004

A great deal of our Mustang Island vacation was spent in Aransas Pass, Port Lavaca, Olivia, Vanderbilt, and Edna. While visiting Olivia, I asked if anyone minded driving about 10 additional miles out of the way so that I could see the Texas Baptist…Read More

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Port Aransas , Texas, is a Fun Place!

Written by kstraveler on 26 Dec, 2003

While walking on the beach, we met a couple from West Virginia who were spending three months in Port Aransas. They told us about many activities in the area, and especially about the birding opportunities, since they were really into that. They were also collecting…Read More

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An Emotional Return to Mustang Island

Written by kstraveler on 26 Dec, 2003

My sister and I grew up in south Texas, and both my parents were born within a little over an hour's drive from Mustang Island. We vacationed on Mustang Island several years during our youth, but in those days everyone referred to the island as…Read More

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A Boat Trip to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge

Written by kstraveler on 26 Feb, 2006

We made several trips to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, and saw many birds and other wildlife. We did not see any whooping cranes. We talked with the people in the visitor center and asked how best to view them. They recommended that…Read More

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A Day Trip to South Padre Island, Texas

Written by kstraveler on 26 Dec, 2003

We made a day trip down to South Padre Island to look at a few potential condos for a month's stay next winter. We had a two and one-half hour drive from Mustang Island; the weather was sunny and warm, and the time went by…Read More

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The Port Aransas Birding Center

Written by kstraveler on 22 Feb, 2006

Almost every day, we drove to the Port Aransas Birding Center to view the birds and other wildlife. We saw many different birds and bought a wonderful bird guide to help us recognize and name them. I never missed a chance to photograph…Read More

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