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Amman airport in a pinstripe suit

Written by Roger Bruton on 12 Aug, 2004

After an amazingly tortuous final approach through Jordanian air space, the British Airways Tristar finally landed safely at Amman airport, and there I was, in the Middle East for the first time. As I was actually on my way to Baghdad, I then queued at…Read More


Written by maitre2pitza on 25 Feb, 2001

I had never flown Royal Jordanian. I boarded in Frankfurt with a group of educators going to some sort of convention. They were out of their seats during the entire flight passing around food from 15 or 20 different countries. As we…Read More

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The Dead Sea

Written by globetrots on 16 Jul, 2000

Visiting the Dead Sea is a bizarre experience: it's impossible to sink, nothing lives in the water, and you're so far below sea level that it can take hours to get sunburned. It's much better to experience the Dead Sea from Jordan than Israel--the water…Read More

Touchdown in Jordan

Written by dangaroo on 18 Dec, 2008

Jordan's main flight hub is Amman's Queen Alia International Airport - it is based 32km south of Amman and should cost no more than 15JD to reach, however, taxi drivers are known to try and charge 25JD upwards. Make sure you agree your price first…Read More

Spa Treatment at Movenpick

Written by samer_k on 18 Mar, 2005

Well, I have had massages and other treatments before. Along with my cousins and friends, we all made reservations for a few hours at the spa next door. We were staying in the Marriott, and the resort next to us, the Movenpick, had…Read More

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The Desert Castles loop

Written by globetrots on 16 Jul, 2000

It takes the better part of a day, but it's an interesting excursion to head out of Amman and make a loop through the 'desert castles.' Calling them castles is a bit of a stretch, but these 7th-century buildings are still worth a visit. They're…Read More

The City of Amman

Written by Courtney Critter on 03 Dec, 2004

The city of Amman was rather large and rather modern. We stayed in the penthouse suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. On our first night there, we went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant; however, I was too inebriated at the time to…Read More

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