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Palia Alonnisos (Old Town; Chora)

Written by Rosiet33 on 26 Aug, 2003

The Old Village of Alonissos is situated up a hill 3km away from Patitiri. It was the capital of the island until 1965, when a major earthquake forced the people to move to the port village, Patitiri. After the earthquakes many foreigners (mostly British and…Read More

Alonissos Summer 2006

Written by Ikion on 28 Jul, 2006

During the summer time a lot of highlights are organized under the responsibility of the municipality and with the cooperation of other local unions, such as music festivals, theatre, exhibitions of photography, or painting etc. The traditional Festivals, one on 26 of July in the…Read More

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Village of Patitiri

Written by Rosiet33 on 26 Aug, 2003

Patitiri is the main harbour of the island and the place you will see first when you will arrive at Alonissos. Many other journals are outdated, and describe this port as dirty and unspectacular, but since Greece's entry into the European Union, much money has…Read More

History of the Island

Written by Rosiet33 on 26 Aug, 2003

The ancient name of Alonissos was Ikos, and on ancient maps, this is the name that is applied. Tradition holds that the Cretans, with the mythical hero Staphylos as their leader, established colonies on Peparithos and on Ikos, in the 16th century B.C. during the…Read More

Village of Steni Vala

Written by Rosiet33 on 26 Aug, 2003

Steni Vala is a small fishing harbour situated 10km away from Patitiri. The village is quite old, even older than Patitiri, but keeps its traditional character. There is a small harbor (this is where the yachts dock), with quaint cafes lining the shore. A couple…Read More

Kalamari Fishing in Alonissos

Written by Ikion on 27 Jul, 2006

A boat is needed. On a night without the moon, head to the northwest of Alonissos out of the bay Gialia and Vrisitsa in a distance of about 1 mile from the coast. A small lamp is always kept on, and lighting kalamariera is recommended…Read More

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