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Ani Festival

Written by writeonthespot on 23 Apr, 2007

Ani, in Filipino, literally means “harvest”. Filipinos, since time immemorial, puts emphasis on their association with their land. And, with the Philippines being a tropical and agricultural country, harvest time has always been a cause of celebration. Since locals get to experience…Read More

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Nature, faith and art

Written by writeonthespot on 23 Apr, 2007

Tam-awan is Baguio’s melting pot of nature, faith, and art. Many artists from various parts of the country go to Tam-awan as if it is an artist’s mecca. You’d find a figure of a fertility idol carved on a fern tree’s stalk or…Read More

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Portrait Sketching

Written by writeonthespot on 23 Apr, 2007

It must have been my day because six artists were lounging at the sketching area waiting for anyone to avail of their services when I passed by. I inquired how much it would cost to have my portrait sketched and they just pointed me…Read More

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Tribal Huts

Written by writeonthespot on 23 Apr, 2007

There are nine tribal huts erected in different vantage points in Tam-awan Village. Seven of those are from the Ifugaos and two are from the Kalinga tribe. These huts were few of the remaining tribal huts and were transported to Tam-awan Village where…Read More


Written by Hermione Sola on 25 Jul, 2000

The first time we booked, we simply asked for a place in Brentwood Village, not realizing that there were several options such as the villas, condos, etc. When we arrived there at 4 am, we thought we'd be living in one of the charming townhouses.…Read More

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Written by panda2 on 12 Mar, 2007

When we got dropped off at the designated bus stop from Philippine Rabbit, there were standing a couple of men with large ID tags identifying themselves as "tourist information" and then said they were also taxi drivers.One of them attached himself onto us like a…Read More

Worth the 6 hour ride from Manila...

Written by BaguioGirl on 14 Oct, 2004

Baguio is one of best places to be when you want to momentarily forget the stress of your daily lifestyle... It's best to enjoy this place when you're with friends, do all the crazy stuff like rollerblading and biking in the freezing night, boat rides…Read More

Drinking, Dancing Masters

Written by Hermione Sola on 08 Nov, 2000

Here I am nursing a bad cold and a slight fever with a glass of tapuy (Ifugao rice wine), my second for the day. I brought 12 bottles down from Baguio where I spent four days to learn the ancient dances of the Cordillera tribe…Read More

I Love Baguio!

Written by janecajuguiran on 04 Apr, 2007

I and my family love Baguio. Baguio to us, is eating, walking, and shopping. I love how the city is full of pine trees, and how its scent fills the air in some places of the city. The best place for us is the Tam-awan…Read More

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