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Ship Shop

Written by two cruisers on 15 Jul, 2012

When we were boarding the Carnival Freedom we noticed people struggling to carry on cases of bottled water and canned pop. It was a physically exhausting effort, but those people were smart. Water was our #1 expense in shopping on board. And it is expensive.…Read More

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Good Art:Bad Art

Written by two cruisers on 14 Jul, 2012

One of the ship's TV channels had a self-promoting feature story about the achitect-designer of the beautiful Carnival Freedom. I was truly surprised they were promoting it, as generally speaking the interior is a mish-mash of overblown designs. Lets start with the wood panelling. It…Read More

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Cruising without a Tuxedo

Written by two cruisers on 13 Jul, 2012

Cruise ships have recognized that not all passengers want to suit up in tuxedos and beads & sequins. Not all passengers want to share a table with 6-8 strangers making small talk for endless meals. For those reasons they have developed alternate eating opportunities. We…Read More

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One word of advice...Plastics.

Written by two cruisers on 13 Jul, 2012

Just as in the movie "The Graduate", this one word piece of advice is well intended and could save you some troubles. We boarded The Freedom just as the outer edge of Tropical Storm Alberto passed by. The passengers were given protection with covered walkways…Read More

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Our Accommodations and Dining Options

Written by Samlawali on 29 Dec, 2006

ACCOMMODATIONS:For the first time we decided to splurge and upgrade from an inside stateroom to a Grand Suite with a balcony. The room was the size of a normal hotel room and was so wonderful. We had two twin beds that my mom and aunt…Read More

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P & O and Oceana

Written by BRAMCOTE on 10 Jun, 2005

We had cruised in the Caribbean previously, but this was the first time that we had had a direct flight to join the ship. We have sailed from San Juan, flying via Newark, and from Guadeloupe, flying via Paris, but this direct flight from Manchester to…Read More

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Day 1: Exploration Of The Ship And Anchor's Away

Written by melissa_bel on 22 Jul, 2004

The decks… Plaza Deck (5): The Plaza deck is the first thing you see when entering the ship. The atrium is three decks high and topped with a beautiful stained glass. A piano player is entertaining the guests at cocktail times and you can find many…Read More

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Fantasy Island. CocoCay Beach Day

Written by hagnel2 on 19 Apr, 2006

Royal Caribbean’s private island was a highlight of this cruise, white sand beaches amidst a Windex blue ocean. The island is approximately 1 mile long and half a mile wide, and was surprisingly relaxing. I say that because by noon over a thousand passengers took…Read More

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A Quick Tour of Two Countries.

Written by hagnel2 on 19 Apr, 2006

Columbus is said to have discovered the island on Saint Martin’s day in 1493 and claimed it for Spain. No Spanish settlers were sent but French and Dutch settlers arrived in early 1630. The Northern part of the island was settled by the French and…Read More

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Impressions Of Charlotte

Written by hagnel2 on 19 Apr, 2006

The chief port and capital Charlotte Amalie has been a haven for seafarers from all over the globe since 1600. The harbour is beautiful and especially so at night as lights twinkle across the island. It was reportedly the homeport of pirates, Captain Kidd and…Read More

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