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A walking tour around the UNESCO site

Written by MichaelJM on 23 Mar, 2013

After a long flight from the UK the last thing I thought I’d be looking forward to was a four hour City tour, but it’s amazing how quickly the body can recover after a good night’s sleep. I’d slept like a baby, enjoyed a Guatemalan…Read More

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Even More Ruins

Written by Andariega on 22 Aug, 2005

These ruins are within a few blocks of each other, northwest of the plaza. Santa Catarina Past Also known as Santa Catalina, this convent was built in 1609 to address a lack of housing for local nuns. In 1693, an arch was built over the street, connecting the…Read More

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Nearby Villages

Written by Andariega on 20 Aug, 2005

Planning to visit the Valhalla Macadamia Farm, we decided to make a morning of it and see some nearby villages. Although we went first to the farm, backtracked to Ciudad Vieja, turned around again to San Antonio Aguas Calientes, on to Santa Catarina Barahona and…Read More

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Historical Walking Tour

Written by lcampbell on 28 Mar, 2005

Start the self-guided Historical Walking Tour at the town square. While I was intensely drawn to the beauty and activity buzz of all the town squares in Guatemala, Antigua’s plaza is especially impressive. The massive trees offer friendly shade, and combined with the…Read More

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Climbing Volcano Pacaya

Written by lcampbell on 28 Mar, 2005

The guidebook warned against climbing Pacaya without a guide. I got the impression that there were bandits around every corner, ready to jump out of the bushes at any time. So we signed up for a guided tour with Gran Jaguar. When we showed…Read More

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Studying at San Jose El Viejo

Written by kakao on 30 Aug, 2005

www.sanjoseelviejo.com After studying for 3 weeks at Tecun Uman, I decided to change schools to see what else was out there. I chose Escuela de Espanol San Jose el Viejo because it was the most beautiful school I had seen in Antigua! The School: The…Read More

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Studying Spanish at Tecun Uman

Written by kakao on 30 Aug, 2005

I spent 3 weeks studying at the Spanish School, Tecun Uman, located at 6a Calle Poniente 34A in Antigua, Guatemala. It cost about $100/week for 4 hours a day for a private Spanish teacher. Teachers: My private teacher did not speak any English, so it actually…Read More

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Instituto Antigueno de Espanol

Written by bjoelle@msn.com on 09 Feb, 2005

Antigua is famous for its abundance of language schools. I was lucky enough to come to Guatemala knowing a lot about these schools and what I wanted from one: intensive instruction, value, a home stay with a local family, and extra activities to back up…Read More

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Trip High Points

Written by Lv2bike on 23 Feb, 2005

One of the reasons I love to travel to Central and South America is the rich and deep history of this beautiful land. The fact that prices for just about anything are well under other vacation destinations doesn’t hurt either. We landed in Guatemala City…Read More

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Tour Company

Written by LoCho on 25 Jan, 2001

We booked our trip with CLARK TOURS, which is one of the more reputable and older companies operating in Guatemala. Our guide and driver were with us for 4 days, and we got to know them both pretty well. Our guide was very…Read More

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