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Amity Island Scavenger Hunt

Written by dutchjamaican on 23 Aug, 2012

This was originally supposed to be a review about doing the Amity Trivia Hunt, part of Jaws Fest on Martha’s Vineyard. However, due to a variety of circumstances, although we did purchase the hunt, we were unable to start it, let alone complete it.I have…Read More

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Steamship Authority

Written by Stoli Razz on 22 Oct, 2010

Figuring out how to get yourself to the island can take a lot of planning. There are many options, from regular ferries to high speed ferries, car ferries and planes. In summer the one and only car ferry books out months in advance for peak…Read More

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Our Island Bike Adventure

Written by chewie on 05 Jul, 2000

We headed for Edgartown's South Beach on our bikes one morning, riding along the bike path on Beach Road and not knowing where the road would take us next. These kinds of journeys are the best, when you never know what will be around…Read More

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Biking on the Vineyard

Written by SFPhotocraft on 15 Oct, 2004

The first morning, we headed right to R.W. Culter to pick up four bikes at 1 Main Street in Edgartown. It was a good outfit recommended by the front desk of our hotel. They had a lot of bikes to choose from.…Read More

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Upright in Martha's Vineyard

Written by smmmarti guide on 02 Mar, 2005

Don’t go to Martha’s Vineyard searching for a Sideways-style wine tasting trip. Four of the island’s six towns are dry (no alcohol is served or sold). Outside of a few errant thickets, grapes were never even grown on this Vineyard. "I hereby claim this island for…" In…Read More

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More Tips and Info about Martha's Vineyard

Written by andy4569 on 08 Apr, 2004

I have a couple more tips and then I'll tell you a little about the towns of Martha's Vineyard. 1) If you have kids, go to Oak Bluffs and check out the Flying Horses. It’s the oldest carousel in America. Kids get a free…Read More

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The Steamship Authority

Written by c_rau on 27 Jul, 2003

The Steamship Authority is the ferry that takes you from New Bedford to Martha's Vineyard and it take an hour and a half. That may seem like a long time, but with a wonderful view of the Mass. shoreline on both sides, you'll savour every…Read More

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Sightseeing by Scooter

Written by c_rau on 27 Jul, 2003

We had only walked two blocks down Lake Street after we got off the ferry in Oak Bluffs when we saw a woman waving at us and standing next to a red scooter. "Wanna see the vineyard?" My husband immediately dropped 15 years of maturity…Read More

Finding a Place You'd Like to Live

Written by kjlouden on 31 Jan, 2001

I knew as soon as we got on the ferry that I was in for a treat spending 4 days on Martha's Vineyard. We had called the Port Authority just the morning before to make our reservations and had driven all night to get…Read More

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Journey to Gayhead

Written by chewie on 05 Jul, 2000

It took us three buses and a race against nightfall to finally get to Gayhead Beach. We had heard about the amazing beauty of this place located on the west side of Martha's Vineyard, and we were determined to see it before leaving the island.…Read More

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