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Stories and Tips Deidesheim

Deidesheim, the Palatinate, Germany

Written by Bev'sTravels on 04 Mar, 2003

The Palatinate area is one of the most beautiful countrysides in Germany. The Palatinate forest lies to the west, and the Rhine is to the east. It is renown for its wine making. The region is blessed with lots of sun, perfect for grape growing.…Read More

Castles, Cathedrals, and Street Fairs

Written by Bev'sTravels on 04 Mar, 2003

Deidesheim sits near many ancient castles. We visited several castles in Germany, including Heidelberg, each within an hour drive. We saw the famous Romanesque cathedral in Speir. We saw from a distance the shell of the Frankenstein castle. It is such fun to think of…Read More

Quaint winding streets, and perfect rows of vineyards

Written by Bev'sTravels on 04 Mar, 2003

Deidesheim on the Wine Strasse--Wine Road--dates back to 1100. Many homes and buildings showed the various dates of their establishment. The streets were narrow and twisting, built in a time when horse and buggy were the means of transportation. Each building was unique and…Read More

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