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03 After Ate's in Oasis (part 3)

Written by mcgulgamesh on 28 Jan, 2003

Roy was a well spoken Englishman whose face told me he had spent more years here than I ever wanted to imagine. He arrived on a cross between a bike and a wheelbarrow in a white tee-shirt, kaki shorts, and a pair of well worn…Read More

03 After Ate's in Oasis (part 2)

Written by mcgulgamesh on 28 Jan, 2003

Along the way Claudia enquired about Ireland, said she was very fond of the place, it reminded her a bit of Austria having been there, although she didn't care much for the rain. I on the other hand loved it...our relationship, it seemed, was doomed…Read More

02 Easy Life in Penang (part 2)

Written by mcgulgamesh on 22 Jan, 2003

Apre positioned the white at the top of the table - we were down to one ball plus the black. He turned to pot our one remaining ball in the right corner pocket at the top of the table, and Micheala had a hissy fit,…Read More

01 Exodus from Johor Bahru

Written by mcgulgamesh on 20 Jan, 2003

December 22nd 2001 was a cool morning, which was unusual for Malaysia. The rain the night before had produced a cool morning air that enveloped me as I strolled out of the air-conditioned hotel. It was really nice, one of those pleasant surprises you never…Read More

03 After Ate's in Oasis (part 1)

Written by mcgulgamesh on 28 Jan, 2003

I got up early to organize my onward journey, I was of a mind to to meander to Koh Pa Ngan. I wanted to take my time on the way up because I was well aware that I might be nursing a fried nervous system…Read More

02 Easy Life in Penang (part 1)

Written by mcgulgamesh on 22 Jan, 2003

We set up camp in 'Easy Life', a place I recognized all too well from my previous new year tour of duty. Six years ago I arrived at this place on the back of a Honda 80, which was driven by a large Indian who…Read More

00:-The End

Written by mcgulgamesh on 06 Jan, 2003

I am currently living in a hotel in Malaysia, which isn''t the bed of roses it sounds. I am not accustomed to being pampered so to speak. As an Irish Catholic (and many other Catholics around the world... and other religions for that matter) I…Read More

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