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Traveling with Children to a Third World Country

Written by RoBoNC on 20 Aug, 2009

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive about taking my two year old son to a third world country. It is hard enough getting around and communicating in another language by yourself and then when you take a toddler…Read More

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An American's Run in with the Law

Written by RoBoNC on 20 Aug, 2009

Before we took this trip to Nicaragua, I did my research reading everything from Frommers to internet blogs. A recurring theme was crime and being safe as it is with all Central America countries. Nicaragua claims to be the safest country in Central…Read More

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Traveling to Nicaragua

Written by RoBoNC on 20 Aug, 2009

As my son approached two years old we wanted to take an international trip while he could still fly for free. While most families would probably choose somewhere in Europe or Asia, we decided to veer way off the beaten path. We settled…Read More

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My Suggestions for Things to Do

Written by celestemy on 21 Jan, 2009

My third trip to Nicaragua was in May/June 2008. In Nicaragua, I've mainly stayed in Managua, the capital, but have traveled to Granada, Leon, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Masaya, and a couple small towns (Diria for one). From Managua you can do…Read More

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A Couple Restaurants in Managua

Written by celestemy on 21 Jan, 2009

A restaurant I highly suggest eating at in the capital of Managua is Cocina de Doña Haydee. It's my favorite restaurant (probably in the world). It's fantastic traditional Nica food with queso frito and tajadas verdes, which you must try. The cost…Read More

The Beaches of the Pacific Coast

Written by Tarmin on 21 Aug, 2006

Now, Nicaragua has some of the best beaches around. The pacific coast is abundant with beautiful beaches. Probably the most tourist-prone beach is San Juan Del Sur. You can be sure of crowded beaches and high prices there. If you want to go to a…Read More

An Overview of Managua

Written by Tarmin on 21 Aug, 2006

Well, since I used to live in Nicaragua, I can give you all the information that only the locals know. For instance in Managua, if you want to go to one of the mercados (markets) be sure that you don't go alone. Sometimes the mercados…Read More

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Basic Information

Written by tman630 on 12 Jun, 2003

Nicaragua. Some may not be immediately drawn to visit this once war-torn country. But to me, Nicaragua was an enjoyable destination. I admit, at first, I had some concerns in travelling there. But we went there as members of a mission team and thoroughly enjoyed…Read More

Happy to be...

Written by celestemy on 16 Feb, 2007

Nicaragua makes me happy. Maybe it’s because it’s the home of my husband’s family or maybe it’s the people or the beauty of the land, or maybe I just like it there. The people are warm, kind, generous, and joyful. The country has it all:…Read More

Catarina and the Laguna De Apoyo

Written by Tarmin on 21 Aug, 2006

If you go past Masaya about 10 miles, it you get to Catarina. This is a little town with an enormous volcanic lagoon. Catarina itself is small, but you can purchase some fine artisan crafts here. The real draw is the lagoon. It was formed…Read More

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