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Too Legit To Quit; a Photo Tour

Written by Jose Kevo on 12 Feb, 2008

Optium Viewing; Wobbling into my twelfth hour of fixated itchy feet, interest feigned standing at yet another trailhead. The path quickly disappeared into the coffee plantation; the Macaw Mountain guide thoroughly detailing the plants, the trail, the potential overlooks, the… Since it…Read More

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Crossing the Honduran/Guatemalan Border

Written by Jose Kevo on 28 Dec, 2007

With such close proximity to La Frontera, the town of Copán Ruinas and further afield Copán Archaeological Site, have became one of Guatemala's most popular daytrips; especially to anyone searching for Mayan Ruins. Guatemala guidebooks all include special sections for making this border run…Read More

Transport From Guatemala to Honduras

Written by bjoelle@msn.com on 27 Jul, 2005

I did a lot of research before my trip about the safety of the roads between Guatemala and Honduras. More so than the other roads in Guatemala, this path seemed to suffer from the majority of road blocks and robberies. Therefore, I asked one of…Read More

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Make Statements not questions

Written by savvy_artist on 28 Mar, 2008

I arrived by Hedman Alas bus line, thinking I knew where I was going. I walk thru the bus station, and, at the other end, I find taxi drivers and hotel promoters, at the front door. I asked, "Do you know where Hotel Carrillo is"?…Read More

Rosalia - Frozen in Time

Written by Ngibson on 27 Nov, 2002

The first time I went to Copan, I really wanted to see the Rosalia. At that time, it was not open to the public. As it happened, a friend of mine had given me a picture of one of the guards to give…Read More

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