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In search of Maximon

Written by MichaelJM on 21 Mar, 2013

Leaving the small village of San Juan behind us we head off to Santiago and although we had a smooth crossing earlier on in the day the lake was now much less forgiving. Indeed as the motor launch hit the waves it felt like we…Read More

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Tips for Co-existing with the Mayans

Written by evilchris on 11 Sep, 2004

Like most travelers on la ruta maya, the colors and pageantry that I associated with the Mayan culture and its history compelled me to make Guatemala the main stop on my travels through Central America. The 22 language sub-groups that make up the Mayans…Read More

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Around Lago de Atitlán - Hiking the Western Shore

Written by evilchris on 11 Sep, 2004

San Pedro can be considered relatively remote in comparison to Panajachel or Antigua. When you compare infrastructure, number of Internet connections, or number of gift shops, this is certainly the case. But because San Pedro does have a fairly constant stream of day visitors…Read More

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Spanish Lessons at Casa Rosario, San Pedro

Written by evilchris on 11 Sep, 2004

Like many towns in Guatemala that now have regular tourist trade, San Pedro has a few language schools offering Spanish lessons. These are not the well-organized language "institutes" found in Costa Rica or Antigua, where savvier, Internet-connected schools offer well-structured courses and the opportunity…Read More

Co-existing with the Mayans, Part II

Written by evilchris on 11 Sep, 2004

The Civil War in Guatemala ended in 1996. There are no physical scars to see anymore, but the emotional scars still run deep. For the casual traveler in Guatemala, it will not be noticeable. For the Mayans I spoke with, the memories and…Read More

My Two Weeks in San Pedro

Written by srdiamond on 11 Jan, 2006

I just got back from 2 weeks in San Pedro over the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Wowza, what a party scene it was! On the dock area, Dnoz is good food, the new pizza place run by true Italians is great, and Allegre Pub…Read More

Panajachel to other Villages

Written by Ngibson on 26 Nov, 2002

Water Taxis/Launchas are available at the main pier. Cost depends on what village you are going to - it is about 10q pp per village - so if you are going to San Marcos de Laguna you will pay about 30q per person. If the excitement…Read More

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