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A Hike from Bolam Lake via Shaftoe Crags

Written by Slug on 10 Feb, 2013

After all that eating and drinking of Christmas and New Year, we were keen to take a walk around some of the local area but not go too far in the car. We found what seemed to fit the bill an 8 mile or so…Read More

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Northumberland Coast Path - Seahouses to Bamburgh

Written by Slug on 12 Aug, 2012

One of our more familiar stretches of Northumberland coast is the short stretch from Seahouses to Bamburgh. We usually take the walk over the long sandy bay with the sand dunes behind as the view as you approach Bamburgh Castle is the most dramatic. The…Read More

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Walking Craster to Beadnell

Written by Slug on 31 Jul, 2012

Beyond our pit stop at the Ship Inn at Low Newton by the Sea, we wandered on towards our destination for the day, Beadnell by wandering along the wide expanse of Beadnell Bay.We were lucky enough to catch the rather curved bay at low tide…Read More

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Alnmouth to Embleton - the Northumberland Coast Path

Written by Slug on 16 Jul, 2012

From Alnmouth, the Northumberland Coast Walk took us past some of my favourite and most familiar parts of the region through the little fishing village of Boulmer (where the public toilet graffiti offers you the distinctly dubious opportunity to meet "Susan" on selected afternoons!) and…Read More

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Taking a trip to Alnmouth

Written by Slug on 23 Jun, 2012

The Northumberland Coast Path has some annoyed but necessary detours away from the coast because of a number of river estuaries in Northumberland. The most annoying one is just south of Alnmouth. Perhaps it was because we were towards the end of a 15 mile…Read More

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Walking to Warkworth!

Written by Slug on 21 Jun, 2012

After completing our amble to Amble in Northumberland, it seemed only appropriate to walk to Warkworth continuing the route set by the Northumberland Coast Path. The walk between the two towns isn't particularly memorable and largely consists of following a path along the road.As we…Read More

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Ambling to Amble

Written by Slug on 20 Jun, 2012

Our second day's hike took us from Druridge Bay Country Park north, past the birding centre in the dunes at Hauxley Nature Reserve and onto the market coastal town of Amble. Amble owes its roots to being a good spot to export coal from the…Read More

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Stage 1: Druridge Bay

Written by Slug on 18 Jun, 2012

Our hike along the whole length of the Northumberland coast of 64 miles started in the tiny seafront town of Cresswell. We laughed in the face of the recommended pit stops outlined in the Northumberland Coast Path; day one for us started mid afternoon and…Read More

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Bumping into the Olympic Torch Relay

Written by Slug on 18 Jun, 2012

After 65 miles of hiking it seemed appropriate that when we finished our walk the streets of Berwick upon Tweed were lined with bunting and people waving Union Jacks.While the excitement coincided with our arrival in Berwick at the end of our journey, alas I…Read More

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A wander around Craster

Written by Slug on 18 Jun, 2012

One of my favourite small Northumberland coast towns is Craster. There's not too much to the place, but certainly enough to keep me interested and happy. The local Craster family who owned lands in the area from the 1200s were very influential in developing the…Read More

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