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Dachstein Ice Caves

Written by wuxiapian on 14 Mar, 2006

The Dachstein ice caves are not far from Halstatt. We caught the train to Obertraun, then walked to the cable car, which took about 30 minutes. There is a bus service between Obertraun and the cable car, and we caught that on the way back.…Read More

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Vienna 2000

Written by DStorz on 29 Jun, 2004

We traveled east to Wien or Vienna. It was very warm when we arrived there and we had a bit of trouble getting oriented but eventually we found our lodgings. Vienna, like most big cities, can be a bit expensive but we found our least…Read More

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Hallstatt, Austria 2000

Written by DStorz on 29 Jun, 2004

Hallstatt is a small village. Forces of nature have prevented it from growing more. On one side the cliffs of the Alps crowd it and on the other is a beautiful alpine lake. The train station is actually on the other side of the lake…Read More

Why Hallstatt?

Written by caseallen on 03 Jul, 2002

My answer to this question is always, "why not?" Few places send the senses into overdrive like Hallstatt does. Steeped in (pre)history, built on the side of quintessential Alps topography (gorgeous limestone mountains), and famous for its salt mines (high up the mountainside), Hallstat welcomes…Read More

Sights We Encountered

Written by Judy Andreson on 22 Sep, 2000

I truly loved this place and wished we could have stayed longer than one night. After a hearty breakfast at our hotel we set out on foot to explore the town. The streets in Hallstatt are so narrow you can barely maneuver a tiny car through…Read More

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Cool Hallstatt History

Written by David J. on 02 Jul, 2000

Near the quaint town square and church, there is an LL Bean-type shop. Nothing out of the ordinary except that part of the floor of the shop is clear glass which enables you to see part of some actual Roman ruins. The pre-historic…Read More

Bad Aussee

Written by wuxiapian on 15 Mar, 2006

Now I have to admit that the main reason we visited Bad Aussee was the name. The whole Bad Aussee/Bad Aussie thing was too good a photo opportunity to miss. After we had taken some stupid pictures with the sign at the train station, we…Read More

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Hallstatt Village

Written by wuxiapian on 14 Mar, 2006

Hallstatt is part of an area known as the Salzkammergut, not too far east of Salzburg. It's located around the edge of a lake (Hallstätter Sea). The train stops on the opposite side of the lake, but there's a little ferry which is timed to…Read More

Walking in paradise

Written by Sutekh on 30 Mar, 2002

What makes this village so nice is all the really nice walks you can have. Those are the type of walks where you can take time for yourself to reflect on your life and who you are. It just shows how quiet this whole place…Read More

Where We Stayed

Written by Judy Andreson on 22 Sep, 2000

At the moment I don't have my notes on the name of the place where we stayed. (I'll add this later) It was the only hotel open in town throughout the winter months. I recall the aged proprietress telling us the hotel had been owned…Read More

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