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Transvestites and She-males (good times)

Written by Jameskyoto on 11 Mar, 2004

If your worldly travels take you so far as to Phuket, why not take in some local color of a different form? The island’s cabaret shows are not to be missed! These amazing performances incorporating loud music, bright lights, extravagant costumes, and men dressed…Read More

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Survival Tips for Living in Phuket

Written by Nadstar on 11 Feb, 2004

This is unlike any other guide to a foreign city. This guide serves to be as honest and to the point as possible. Unlike other travel guides, the author has actually lived in the said town and taken part in the usual humdrum activities of…Read More

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Thai Ways

Written by Nadstar on 18 Dec, 2003

The longer we stay here, the more I realise the ways of the Thai person – they pride themselves on the fact that they’ve never been colonised, never taken over by any foreign governing body, and through this immunity they’ve maintained a very proud patriotic…Read More

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Written by neworleanstraveler on 26 May, 2006

Phuket Island is tropical, vibrant, serene, and thousands of other adjectives that are all strikingly accurate. Yet, it is hard to believe that just 6 months earlier to the day of my visit, such painful loss and destruction was the norm.I had the opportunity to visit…Read More

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Phuket Island

Written by paul c. on 26 Jun, 2000

The approach is spectacular -- lush jungles and savage mountain peaks that jut out of the water. They have no gradual incline but rather they are perpendicular to the water with rounded peaks. The archipelago resembles a mountain range flooded up to its…Read More

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Laguna Resort - Five Hotels in One

Written by jabela on 25 Dec, 2005

It was the first time I stayed at a resort with five hotels on it. Officially you're supposed to pay to use the facilities of the other hotels, but there appears to be a grey line. All the hotels are interconnected via shuttle bus and boat. From the…Read More

Patong Beach (just one man's review)

Written by Jameskyoto on 10 Mar, 2004

Patong Beach is the largest and far and away the most developed beach on Phuket’s Island shoreline. A first-time visitor to Phuket should check out this beach if for no other reason than to compare how great the other beaches are compared to the most…Read More

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Written by Nadstar on 03 Feb, 2004

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, with Christmas then New Year’s and now the Chinese New Year. And with it has brought many different nations gracing our beautiful grounds at the resort. Now it’s Chinese New Year, the year of the Monkey…Read More

Shopping day!

Written by Nadstar on 12 Dec, 2003

This is what happens on our monthly trip to Patong, "Shopper's Heaven" - markets that run for kilometres along the beach-facing main road in the busy town of Patong. I have always protested the burning of original material, but at the prices proper CDs…Read More

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A day in the life...

Written by Nadstar on 21 Nov, 2003

As I reflect on our year here, there are a couple of clichés that ring true. The first would be "same, same but different" - seen painted on many a beachside restaurant. This phrase stemmed from non-Thais trying to explain a concept to the Thai people. It's such a…Read More

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