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Stories and Tips Mount Desert Island

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Rock climbing the ocean cliffs

Written by Constance on 26 Jun, 2000

Most rock climing adventures start at the base of the rock. Not here! You'll start out with a short drive and easy hike to the cliffs of Acadia National Park. As the trail ends and the cliffs come into view all you'll…Read More

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Kayaking the Maine coastline

Written by Constance on 27 Jun, 2000

Kayaking is a sport anyone can do. The boats sit low in the water and are very stable, even in the ocean. They are very easy to navigate after a quick training course. Our kayak tour provides us with sights you just don't see…Read More

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The Park Loop Road - #1 priority

Written by Constance on 27 Jun, 2000

Drive the Park Loop Road which 'loops' along the National Park from the coast to inland. It's a 20 mile journey of bliss. The sights are simply breathtaking and you'll find it easy to pull your car over and walk to any of…Read More

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Traditional Lobster Bakes

Written by Constance on 23 Jun, 2000

We've all seen the 'Amazing 5 Pound Lobsters' advertised at some point in time. Trust me... you DO NOT want to eat one of these and you won't find one in Maine. It's the equivalent of eating a very old cow.…Read More

Kayaking Seal Cove Pond

Written by Tomcat7194 on 20 Aug, 2005

Seal Cove Pond is a body of fresh water located near Seal Cove in the town of Tremont on Mount Desert Island. The pond is separated from the saltwater cove by Route 102, some trees, and little else. Seal Cove pond is big, and the…Read More

A Little Island History and The Great Fire

Written by Constance on 05 Jul, 2000

Bar Harbor was originally known as Eden was incorporated in 1796. In the mid 1800's artist came to capture the beauty of the island in their work. This brought on the 'tourists'. By 1880 Bar Harbor had 30 hotels and was known…Read More

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