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Visiting Changchun

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Stories and Tips Changchun

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Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

THE SMALL VILLAGE OF DALI, HONGSHI TOWN, LIUHE COUNTY, JILIN PROVINCE For May Day, the Chinese Government gave the nation a one week holiday in order to stimulate spending. I was invited to go to a Senior student’s home in a small village for about a…Read More

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Teaching in Changchun, China

Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

TEACHING ENGLISH MAJORS My job was to teach students who are English majors, in the University’s Foreign Language College. At "Changda" as Changchun University is known for short, foreign teachers are required to take seven different classes each semester. There are about 25 students in each…Read More

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Some living conditions ...

Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

SIGN LANGUAGE Perhaps for the better, Changchun is not a tourist destination, but that's one reason why there are virtually no English-language signs or menus. It's quite important to be able to read or speak some Chinese in order to get around, ask for directions, or…Read More


Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

THE TINY VILLAGE OF DALI At last we arrived in Dali, at Shirley’s home. It reminded me a bit of my Nonna and Pop’s, what with the chickens and ducks. Who would have believed I would be in a small village in China? You could see…Read More

The Shopping Ordeal

Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

Shopping in Changchun, China, was something I did not enjoy because of the nightmare of being a "waiguoren", or foreigner, and being stared at incessantly, or ripped off mercilessly. Have you ever gone into a clothes store which has no change-rooms and tried on a dress…Read More

Feeling Foreign !

Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

A WAIGUOREN (FOREIGNER) IN CHINA I come from a multi-racial, multi-cultural part of Australia and I have Italian, Scottish, and English grandparents. It is quite an experience going to China, and in particular, lesser known Changchun where yes, there are minority nationalities such as Man, Hui,…Read More

Some problems to overcome

Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

HARASSMENT I had been there for about a month, and I received a call from the Dean. He asked me if I wanted to come over to his place for dinner. I am sure that he said that his wife would be there. At first he…Read More


Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

We received hot water for only two hours a day - from 7pm to 9pm. That often meant that dinners at restaurants were cut short to enabled us to flee to our rooms to fill up the bath tub. We were not able to have…Read More

My Accommodation

Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

The Foreign Teachers at Changchun University receive a two room apartment which includes bathroom, washing machine, telephone, kitchen, and furniture. It was much more spacious than I imagined. I had the mentality "expect the worst and hope for the best." I was quite pleasantly surprised…Read More


Written by hailun on 07 Oct, 2002

HISTORY JAPANESE OCCUPATION Changchun is not the most exciting or pretty city in China, but it does have some interesting history. When the Japanese invaded China as early as the 1930’s, they set up their headquarters in Changchun and created the Japanese "state" of Manchukuo. North-east China…Read More

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