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Other Activities at Bushkill Falls

Written by MCJ graduate on 02 Jul, 2005

You may automatically think that all you can do on the Bushkill property is view the falls. This is false. This property is very expansive and has a variety of things to do. After viewing the falls, you may want to have lunch at the…Read More

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Hiking at Bushkill Falls

Written by MCJ graduate on 02 Jul, 2005

In order to get to the Bushkill Falls attraction, you need a few items. These include comfortable shoes (preferably hiking boots with a non-slippery sole), the map of the trail, and bottles of water. If you are in pretty good condition (not necessarily the Iron…Read More

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Viewing the Waterfalls at Bushkill Falls

Written by MCJ graduate on 02 Jul, 2005

Bushkill Falls is centuries of natural beauty. It is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. The owners of this extraordinary attraction are the Peters family. The forefather of this attraction, Charles E. Peters, first opened this place up in 1904. Then it had…Read More

What a different experience than last time!

Written by cg1955 on 25 Sep, 2005

Last year we stayed at Tree Tops at the Fairway. What a terrible experience we had! We were reluctant to try again, but after being assured that we would be in a new four-bedroom unit, we decided to give the Villas a try.…Read More

Villas at Fairway

Written by mariaurchick on 12 Dec, 2003

This was our second time staying at this resort. We love its location, and love that it's a short drive to any of the big cities. We also love the units themselves. We stayed in a three-bedroom unit that was very spacious. The kitchen was…Read More

Day trip to New York City

Written by mariaurchick on 13 Dec, 2003

The week we stayed at the Villas at Fairway in the Poconos we decided to take a day and drive over to NYC. It's busy, crowded, and very expensive, so if you don't like the big city life than I wouldn't waste a day going…Read More

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Great place that allows your child to get messy

Written by hottice2nicky on 04 Oct, 2005

My daughter absolutely loved the falls due to the fact that she didn't have to worry about getting dirty. She had a blast on the trails (and it also tired her out). She was filthy when we were about to leave, but the only thing…Read More


Written by sedona14 on 21 Oct, 2004

THe facility offers nothing for small children, no parks. The indoor sauna is closed. There is Bushkill Falls with its nature trails nearby and of course in the winter, ski slopes.…Read More

Day trip to Milford, PA

Written by AandG on 01 Jan, 2006

For lovers of historic homes, Milford is a must. This delightful town has approximately 30 well-preserved historic houses. Some like the beautiful Grey Towers can be toured, but most can be viewed by walking down the shaded lanes and streets of Milford. Tree lovers rejoice…Read More

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