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Demeter's Temple

Written by Theresa448 on 11 Feb, 2004

Near Sangri, Naxos, Greece."Harrrrgh". It's that exasperated sigh that my husband Steve gives when he's intensely frustrated, so frustrated that he can't even kick anything or throw something. It was windy, cold, something you wouldn't expect on a Greek Island, but this is Naxos, land…Read More

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The Forgotten Temple: A Sensory Exploration

Written by Theresa448 on 11 Feb, 2004

In Naxos, so many things are left and forgotten, slipping away and shifting over on themselves like grains of sand rolling off the cliffs or dispersed by the wind. Manners, for one - Naxonians possess the most interesting ability to combine European major-city rudeness with the…Read More

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Description of Naxos Town -- Why to visit!

Written by beckyt on 18 Feb, 2004

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and is situated pretty much in the middle of the Aegean Sea. You can get there by ferry, as I did, hydrofoil, or by Olympic Airways connections from Athens. The ferries and hydrofoils to Naxos all dock in…Read More

Agios Georgios

Written by beckyt on 18 Feb, 2004

This is the most tourist resort-like of the four areas of the city and of the whole island; hundreds of people flock here on beach holidays every year. This area is chock full of hotels, apartments, guesthouses, etc. and is the best bet for finding…Read More

Arriving in Naxos - The Harbour Scene

Written by beckyt on 16 Feb, 2004

As I explained in "Greek Island Hopping Part 1," I had decided to visit Naxos first on my island-hopping trip and for no better reason than my new American buddies were heading to Santorini and the ferry stopped at Naxos on the way. The ferry…Read More

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