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High-Altitude or Mountain Sickness Survival Guide

Written by Composthp on 09 Sep, 2005

Tibet is situated 4700m above sea level. Visitors to Tibet would inevitably experience some form of high-altitude sickness. This occurs when travellers ascend too quickly to a high altitude and are unable to adapt to the lower oxygen concentration and change in atmospheric pressure. Signs and…Read More

We Were the Tourist Attraction!

Written by travelwithtoddlers on 23 Apr, 2007

It had been a long day of touring the monasteries and markets of Lhasa, Tibet, so we found a curbside seat to rest our aching feet. As we sat there, admiring the varied styles of fox-fur hats, many with fox head still intact, and…Read More

Lhasa's Highlights

Written by lebefroh on 03 Sep, 2001

Lhasa's highlight and most famous attraction, of course, is the Potala Palace which - until the Chinese invasion in the 1950s - housed the Dalai Lama. This impressive building towers over the city and is an impressive sight from various locations in the city. Not all…Read More

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Written by LenR on 19 Dec, 2001

If you love transport, Tibet is the place. There are no trains or limousines, but just about every other mode is available somewhere. In a few short weeks, I used aircraft, buses, 4WD vehicles, boat, taxi, trishaw, tuk tuk, donkey cart and tractor. In the cities,…Read More

Potala Palace, Friendship Highway & Everest Camp

Written by peacebird on 04 Oct, 2006

The sight of the Potala Palace is the first awesome sight to greet me in Lhasa. Over time, I ascended by a 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser, accompanied by a Tibetan driver, a Tibetan guide and two charming snow and glacier expert professors from US and…Read More

Meals, Kids, Cats, Dogs & Farewell Note

Written by peacebird on 04 Oct, 2006

MEALSI were fed mostly by a bowl of yak meat noodle or yak meat rice. They are simple dishes yet nourishing and delicious. The yak butter tea was a daily routine as well as spotting the Yak itself – the impressive looking hairy ‘ox’ which…Read More

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A Visit to the Doctor

Written by tammyhayano on 31 Oct, 2005

On my second day in Lhasa, I had a severe allergic reaction (to what I still don't know) that caused me to break out in hives (huge, itchy welts) all over my body. After trying various creams and tablets for 5 days without any success,…Read More

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Some Words about Cyclists in Tibet

Written by tammyhayano on 31 Oct, 2005

In my many travels, I have never seen as many cyclists as I did in Tibet. If these kind of travelers weren't so friendly, laid-back, and interesting, I would have thought they were all completely crazy. To bike in elevations ranging from 12,000 to 16,000 feet,…Read More

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Some Words about Tibetan Buddhism

Written by tammyhayano on 31 Oct, 2005

The Tibetans are an extremely devout nation. First, there are the accessories: hand-held prayer wheels that they spin all day long; the prayer beads that they rub; the turquoise and coral jewelry with religious symbolism (and a display of wealth); and even the 108 braids…Read More

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Internet cafes.

Written by LenR on 19 Dec, 2001

The Internet has revolutionised communications and information gathering worldwide. It is now doing the same for Tibet. Many visitors will find that there is no local gateway for your home Internet provider in Tibet. This will change in the future but right now the best access…Read More

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