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Journey on the Highest Train in the World

Written by Light Travels on 08 Jul, 2010

When the teenage girl walked down the train corridor towards me, stopped, and lent up against my carriage door, all I could think of to say was a quiet ‘hello’. The response was unexpected as her eyes rolled back in her head and she toppled…Read More

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Getting Petted at the Potala

Written by Sierra on 15 Jul, 2008

Or, How I Learned To Laugh About Myself Under Scrutiny From The Locals* * *Until recent times, Lhasa was the gateway to the Tibetan frontier. Today, travelers usually come into Tibet either through Lhasa or Chengdu, to the southeast; but Lhasa has the far more…Read More

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Riding the Iron Dragon - The Trans-Tibet Train

Written by Sierra on 07 Jun, 2008

Many years ago, a book by Paul Theroux named Riding the Iron Rooster fed not only my interest in China, but my desire to take a journey in China via train. My journeys through China took me on several trains, in fact; but the one…Read More

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Lake Draksum tso (Basongtso) and the hunt for mushrooms

Written by Composthp on 25 Sep, 2005

Day 11 We left Nyingchi town after a peaceful night. For once, we were not kept awake by karaoka crooners till the wee hours. Our first stop was to see the "greatest cypress in China", it is over 50 meters tall, 5.8 meters wide and about…Read More

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From Drigung Thel to Nyangtri (Nyingchi)

Written by Composthp on 25 Sep, 2005

Day 10 We departed from our dreary hotel in Drigung town for Nyingchi (Nyangtri county. This was the old capital of Nyangtri county and is located in southeast Tibet, where the Himalaya Mountains and Nyainqentanglha Mountains extend from west to east, like parallel huge dragons, to…Read More

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Drigung Thel Monastery, where vultures feed

Written by Composthp on 23 Sep, 2005

Day 9 The wet season had made the road to Mt Everest base camp impassable. Visiting Drigung Thel monastery (4,280m) and the Charnel ground (Drigung Durtro), the most famed site for sky burial was the alternative offered. Drigung Thel monastery was built precariously at the edge…Read More

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Lake Namtso Chukmo: Where we almost froze to death

Written by Composthp on 22 Sep, 2005

Day 7: We arrived at Namtso National Reserve in the late afternoon, whizzing by Damzhung, a dull and dirty little town that was busy paving their roads and sidewalks with cement, towards the green mountain ranges and the Lhachen La pass (5,150m). The scenery changed dramatically…Read More

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The longest ride: Horsing around from Shigatse to Namtso

Written by Composthp on 20 Sep, 2005

Day 7: We had completed our tour of the 2 main "attractions" in this area, the Pelkhor Chode Temple Complex in nearby Gyantse and the Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse. We checked out of our hotel after a 2-night stay, reluctantly; it was one of the better…Read More

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The longest ride: from Lhasa to Yamdrok tso to Shigatse

Written by Composthp on 19 Sep, 2005

Day 5 : We have covered most of the major sights in and around Lhasa and all of us had acclimatised somewhat to the altitude. We were to begin our "nomadic" life from here on, heading further afield to view the beautiful sacred lakes of Yamdrok…Read More

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Surviving Tibet

Written by Composthp on 13 Sep, 2005

Climate Due to its unique geographical position and vastness, the weather in Tibet is variable. For example, while travelling from Drigung to Nyingchi, we experienced rain, snow, and sun all in a day. We were ill prepared for that day and were scrambling to put on…Read More

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