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Yogyakarta Area - Central Java

Written by Ozzy-Dave on 13 Jan, 2002

We spent 3 days exploring Java's cultural epicentre that is Yogyakarta. It's a pleasant and attractive city to wander and there's plenty to see and do. Then, when you need a break, venture east, west or north and you'll find some of Asia's greatest monuments…Read More

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Bandung Area - West Java

Written by Ozzy-Dave on 13 Jan, 2002

We spent two days in Bandung, using it mainly as a base to visit the surrounding natural attractions... Travel Diary Details - Bandung Area Bandung and Surrounds Most of the decent hotels and shopping districts are located around Jalan Asia Africa and we caught a becak there from…Read More

Puncack Area - West Java

Written by Ozzy-Dave on 13 Jan, 2002

We spent only one day in the 1500-metre mountain area of Puncack, and it wasn't an experience to savour. There are gardens, tea plantations and a (supposedly) good wildlife park in the area but the inclement weather and a poor accommodation choice meant that we…Read More

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Bogor Area - West Java

Written by Ozzy-Dave on 13 Jan, 2002

We spent 3 days touring the area around Bogor and found it interesting from a cultural standpoint. Curiously, we saw few other westerners. In the Bogor Botanical Gardens we were approached three times for photographs by groups of Indonesians holidaying in the town. We were…Read More

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Carita, Krakatau

Written by Marianne on 04 Apr, 2003

"Did you come to see Krakatau? You can see it from here, from the beach," and he pointed at the sea. I looked a bit puzzled. All I could see was a sheet of rain. I had been sitting in this warung and drinking coffee…Read More

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East Java - Don't Just Pass Through!

Written by eastridinglass on 10 Jan, 2009

Most visitors race through East Java en route for the beaches of Bali, pausing briefly at Mount Bromo. It’s definitely worth staying a little longer, although exploring from Surabaya has been made harder by the ‘Lapindo mudflow’, with millions of litres of hot, acrid mud…Read More

The whole journey

Written by Shoey on 01 Sep, 2002

Day 1 - 4.30 Start, plane to Yogyakarta Tour guide fails to meet us at the airport due to consuming too much Tequila the night before. When he arrives with a friend who can drive, handy, we drive straight into a tough negotiation over a rather…Read More

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Mt. Bromo At Dawn

Written by uncoding on 08 May, 2002

Leaving Yogyakarta in the late morning in July of last year, I headed by air-conditioned bus to Mt. Bromo in eastern Java. In about seven hours we had changed buses in Probolinggo, a lower elevation town, then traveled the last two hours to a…Read More

Indonesian martial arts at Delta Gecko

Written by Kennerly on 24 Jul, 2000

Kristina, our host, explained the first act of the evening, a traditional Sundanese dance (Pangandaran officially marks a divide between Sundanese and Javanese--two entirely separate ethnic groups with different languages and related, but distinctly unique cultures). With apologies to the Dutch in the audience she…Read More

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