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Canyonlands is Remote, but Getting There is a Great Trip

Written by Wasatch on 25 Feb, 2009

A few years ago, two hikers set off from I-15 in southern Utah to walk to Moab. It took them123 days. I recommend driving.BY AIR You can fly into Moab, but its expensive. Salt Lake City is the closest major gateway andthe trip…Read More

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Touring Canyonlands

Written by LA guy on 14 Nov, 2005

With one look at Canyonlands, I wonder why it doesn't enjoy a more significant reputation. Whereas the Grand Canyon was just big, Canyonlands was more intimate. With less crowds and closer viewpoints, it was much easier to appreciate the geological process at work here, creating…Read More

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The Making of a Commercial

Written by unorthodox traveler on 12 Jan, 2001

Often it's just being in the right place at the right time. After driving up the scary, white-knuckled switch-back very narrow Shafer Road (named after ranchers Frank and John Shafer) leading to the Island in the Sky, I finally arrived at the location where the…Read More

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The Money Wrench Gang

Written by El Gallo on 25 Sep, 2000

This is the book that, if it didn't put Moab on the map, certainly makes the place more interesting. It was written by king desert rat and arch-enviromental curmudgeon Edward Abbey. Abbey had a passionate love affair with the desert, living deep in…Read More

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Arches National Park

Written by El Gallo on 25 Sep, 2000

This is the place Edward Abbey (author of "The Monkeywrench Gang" and the Kirk Douglas movie "The Brave Cowboy") called "the most beautiful place on earth"--and it's hard to argue. The carved arches and spires seem more finely crafted here, more delicate and "alien…Read More

Capitol Reef National Park

Written by El Gallo on 25 Sep, 2000

It's not a reef, and lord knows where they got "capitol" from, but it's quite the example of extreme geology. A giant fold in the earth left a tortured landscape of canyons, pockets, and dead-ends, all studded with a potpourri of strata and fossils…Read More

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Zion National Park

Written by El Gallo on 25 Sep, 2000

Warning, if you are Jewish or Rastafarian and trying to move to this area, you should know right off that it's not THAT Zion. What it is, it's the ultimate slickrock, a huge cap of red sandstone carved thousands of feet deep by the…Read More

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Written by El Gallo on 25 Sep, 2000

This is my favorite of the canyon parks. It's not big and awesome, which is one of the nice things about it. You can pull up in a car, get out, look down and pretty much see the whole thing in one take.…Read More

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Natural Bridges National Monument

Written by jan&ray on 31 Aug, 2001

Natural Bridges National Monument is 120 miles from Moab, making it a long, but very rewarding, day trip. Along the way we travelled a portion of the "Trail of the Ancients", an area considered to be the "archaeological heartland of America". Other…Read More

Moab Information Center

Written by jan&ray on 31 Aug, 2001

Even if you think you know exactly what you want to do when you visit Moab, a visit to the Moab Information Center is a good idea. Here you will find brochures on nearly every hotel, restaurant and outfitter in town. There are…Read More

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