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Port Day in Bar Harbor

Written by smmmarti guide on 06 Dec, 2004

Local FlavorDon’t pronounce it, "Bah-ha-bah" unless you are actually from Maine. The natives don’t find it funny. As John Steinbeck reported in Travels with Charley, they may even give you faulty directions to get even. Only 5,000 people live in Bar Harbor, but the town…Read More

The Bar Harbor Inn

Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

Normally, we are campers. But we did not want to camp in a tent on our honeymoon. This time, we went for luxury and enjoyed a stay at the centrally located Bar Harbor Inn (Newport Drive, PO Box 7, Bar Harbor, 207/288-3351, www.barharborinn.com).…Read More


Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

One of our favorite things about this trip was the food. Do not leave Bar Harbor without sampling the seafood. This is as fresh as it gets. A Mt. Desert Island tradition is the Lobster Pound. Pay a set price (usually…Read More


Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

There are 130 miles of hiking trails in Acadia, giving hikers endless areas to explore. The island is bisected by the Somes Sound, so hiking trails are divided into East Side Trails and West Side Trails. The east side contains Park-Loop Road and…Read More

Carriage Roads (Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding)

Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

Acadia harbors 57 miles of crushed-stone carriage roads. These roads were built for horse-drawn carriages. They were constructed between 1913 and 1940 under the close supervision of John Rockefeller. Today, they are used for hiking, horseback riding, and biking (no cars).…Read More

Overview/When to Go

Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

A gorgeous waterfront; plentiful hiking trails; delicious seafood; and long, relaxing days define Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Acadia borders alongside the town of Bar Harbor (the two are located together on Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine). We spent a…Read More

An Awesome Trip

Written by Y0ttajedi on 26 Sep, 2004

Acadia National Park is composed of two primary locations. The more familiar of the two is Bar Harbor Maine. The second location is Schoodic Point, which is in a separate driving location and not reached via Bar Harbor. The Schoodic Point location, was up till a couple years…Read More

Travel to Bar Harbor

Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

We flew into the Bar Harbor Airport. We would probably not recommend this. The airport is small, and when I say small, I mean small. It was about the size of a large garden shed. US Airways flies here from Boston…Read More

Travel around Bar Harbor: We LOVE the Island Explorer!!

Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

Super convenient and with frequent departures and destinations, the Island Explorer is a great way to get around the park. Beyond that, it’s FREE! It runs to Bar Harbor as well, so you can stay in a hotel here and have easy access…Read More


Written by Backpackingrl on 26 Jan, 2005

Window shoppers will be in paradise here. There are many locally owned shops lining the downtown areas of Bar Harbor, including Main Street and Cottage Street. Many shops feature the work of local artists. The style of many paintings is Edward Hopper-ish.…Read More

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