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Written by manatwork on 11 Apr, 2011

Croatia is about the size of West Virginia. With 1,100 miles of mainland coastline, it has one of the most beautiful beaches along the Adriatic Sea. Do you know that it is one of the most popular destinations in the world? And, it is home…Read More

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Trg Bana Jelacica - the Heart of Zagreb

Written by fizzytom on 22 Aug, 2009

Zagreb’s main square "Trg Bana Jelacica" is the vibrant heart of the Croatian capital and it’s a fine place in the Austro-Hungarian tradition, not dissimilar to squares you might find in cities like Vienna. It’s pretty hard to miss the square because it serves…Read More

The Almighty Capital

Written by dangaroo on 22 Apr, 2009

Zagreb the wonderful capital of Croatia is one of my favourite European cities, cold in the winter and warm most of the rest of the year, it's a great place to spend afternoons outside the cafes and bars that line the cobbled streets. The city…Read More

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Zagreb outdoors - the city as a gallery

Written by SaraP on 21 Jul, 2003

If you're out and about, mooching around the city, this is perfect way to brush up on your history and see it in context . . . certainly there as as many celebrated Croatian figures as you could possibly want to see in the "flesh"…Read More

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Thoughts and feelings - Zagreb

Written by Elia Papillon on 16 Dec, 2004

Some friends in my friends’ network recommended that I personalise my writing more; to write about how I found and why I liked a place, how I felt to be there, and to include more personalised information. So here are some of my thoughts and…Read More

Touring the Upper Town

Written by SaraP on 30 May, 2003

The twin settlements which make up Zagreb's hilly Upper Town are Gradec (to the east) and Kaptol (to the west). Kaptol has been a settlement for approaching a millennium (though few of the buildings date back that far thanks to the prevalence of earthquakes) and…Read More

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To put it in context, a little history . . .

Written by SaraP on 28 May, 2003

The earliest records are of Roman settlement in Scitarjevo (Andautonia) which declined on the arrival of the first Croats in 600 BC (check out the Roman remains around the cathedral of St Stephen). The first known Croatian king, Tomislav (you'll see his impressive horseback statue…Read More

Croatia was once part of Venice???

Written by cheryl morris on 18 Sep, 2000

The first thing that hits you is the smell. Wild lavender permeates every corner of Croatia in summer. It blends with pine in the forests; scents the streets and is even hinted at on the seashore. Long stems of it reach out from every…Read More

My days in Umag

Written by cheryl morris on 18 Sep, 2000

As a young woman who was traveling alone, I had no major problems during the day. Besides sunbathing and exploring, I attempted some shopping, but here too, the effects of the old Soviet regime were evident: there was very little to buy, save incredibly tacky…Read More

Fast facts...

Written by cheryl morris on 18 Sep, 2000

Places to Stay: There are many hotels lining the beach, all of which charge less than $50 per night for a room, in high season. Some useful websites are: www.stella_maris@itu.tel.hr www.polynesia@itu.tel.hr www.hotel_koralj@itu.tel.hr www.hotel_umag@itu.tel.hr Train is the most common way of getting around Croatia. Car rental is also popular. There is no…Read More

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