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Evening on the Town

Written by MikeInTown on 19 Oct, 2008

On our second evening in Ilulissat, my wife and I took the advice of some of the World of Greenland tour guides and made a dinner reservation at Restaurant Mamartut for some Greenlandic cuisine. We had the coolest hotel shuttle driver that evening. As we…Read More

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First Impressions of Greenland

Written by MikeInTown on 24 Aug, 2008

We were groggy when we arrived in Iceland at 6:30 AM (2:30 AM EST) after our 6-hour flight from New York JFK. We had a 3-hour layover before our flight to Greenland departed, so we grabbed some breakfast and found a bench where my wife…Read More

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Leisure Time in Kangerlussuaq

Written by MikeInTown on 21 Aug, 2008

Kangerlussuaq is not like the rest of the towns we visited in Greenland. The town exists because during World War II when Denmark was occupied by the Germans, Denmark could no longer protect Greenland. The U.S. agreed to protect the island and built a military…Read More

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Ilulissat Tips

Written by MikeInTown on 17 Aug, 2008

Mosquitoes: The arctic is plagued by these pesky, biting insects in July and August. They are almost enough to drive a person insane. Bring a mosquito head net and insect repellent containing DEET. These items are sold in Greenland but I'm glad we bought them…Read More

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Getting To Greenland from the U.S.

Written by MikeInTown on 17 Aug, 2008

Ever since a long weekend trip to Iceland back in 2003, I became curious about its gigantic neighbor to the west, Greenland. With an area three times the size of Texas, Greenland is the largest island in the world. 80% of it is covered by…Read More

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Greenlandic Buffet

Written by MikeInTown on 17 Aug, 2008

The Greenlandic Buffet Farewell Dinner was included in our stay at Hotel Arctic. The buffet contained seafood such as smoked whale, shrimp, scallops, halibut, trout, and other smoked and dried fish. I tried just about all the items. Just like the lunch we had on…Read More

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Sunday Morning Church Service

Written by MikeInTown on 17 Aug, 2008

Sunday morning, we took the 8:45 hotel shuttle to town even though our hiking excursion wasn't scheduled to begin until 10:15. Although we don't speak Greenlandic, we were headed to the 9 AM church service. I’ll explain...During our city walk tour the previous day, our…Read More

Nuuk Tips

Written by MikeInTown on 29 Aug, 2008

Getting Around: Nuuk is a small city. This makes it convenient for tourists since most of the attractions are within walking distance. When walking is not desirable, there are taxis and public buses. In fact, there was a bus stop across the street from our…Read More

Kangerlussuaq Tips

Written by MikeInTown on 21 Aug, 2008

Ice Cap Excursion Without the Barbeque: We paid extra for the barbeque option of this tour thinking it occurred during the tour. Instead, it occurred when were returned to town. Had we known this, we would not have paid for this meal. We would have…Read More

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An Exciting Day at Sea...Cruising Prins Christian Sund

Written by travelwisdom on 30 Aug, 2004

Prins Christian Sund is a 55-mile channel at the southern end of Greenland. After leaving the energy and color of Reykjavik yesterday, today will bring new vistas of a totally different type and we don't want to miss a minute of it. The Captain…Read More

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