Overview Loro Ciuffenna

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Visiting Loro Ciuffenna

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Stories and Tips Loro Ciuffenna

Getting to La Ferriera from bus stop

Written by roza4 on 08 Jun, 2002

The bus station in Loro used to be in the main square, but because of the construction at the nearby church, the stop has been moved to the road. To get to “La Ferriera” from the bus stop, go up the hill a little…Read More

Buying bus tickets

Written by roza4 on 08 Jun, 2002

To get the bus tickets, go to the bar on the main square. The owner is English so you can easily ask for what you need. The best tickets to buy are the ones that can be stamped on 4 sides; they cost…Read More

Transportation in Loro Ciuffenna - Train

Written by roza4 on 08 Jun, 2002

There 2 types of trains that go from Florence to Montevarchi: the fast ones and the slow ones. The fast ones usually leave every hour at 9 minutes past, and arrive at 45 minutes past the hour. The slow one takes a whole…Read More

Transportation in Loro Ciuffenna - Bus

Written by roza4 on 08 Jun, 2002

The main problem with Loro is transportation. To get here we took a train from Florence to Montevarchi (for schedules see www.fs-online.com) and then a bus operated by Lazzi (www.lazzi.com) from Montevarchi to Loro Ciuffenna, or "Loro" as the natives call it. The…Read More

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