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Riga in General

Written by costas1234 on 19 May, 2010

The main language is Latvian, but you will find that most receptionists in hotels and hostels and other establishments will have a basic understanding of English. It is a fascinating city, which can be compared to other European places such as Prague. I found that…Read More

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Freedom Urination (RIGA, Latvia)

Written by Shady Ady on 09 Dec, 2007

The proud Baltic city of Riga has fought many battles in their struggle for independence. First it was the invading red army of the Soviet Union. Next came the Nazi’s, followed again by the Russians. Many perished in these struggles and the damage caused is…Read More

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Four Buildings of Particular Interest in Vecriga

Written by Owen Lipsett on 21 Dec, 2004

While you could easily spend a day just wandering the streets of Vecriga (though I’d advise avoiding the narrower ones, where I saw quite a few unsavory characters) to sample its architectural brilliance, if you’re a bit more pressed for time, you shouldn’t miss these…Read More

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Vecriga - A Romantic Sanctuary of History

Written by marif on 20 Dec, 2004

Vecriga is the Latvian name for Riga's Old Town. Crammed with cobbled streets, alleyways, medieval churches and century-old residential buildings, it can rightly be called a sanctuary of history. Add to these the various museums that depict the Latvians as the victims of totalitarianism and…Read More

Riga International Airport

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

Riga International is the largest airport in the Baltics and is owned by the Latvian government, they have 3 terminals, one for incoming Schengen flights, one for outgoing Schengen flights and one for None Schengen flights.I had the pleasure of flying to Riga International Airport…Read More

Shooting In Riga

Written by Liam Hetherington on 09 Oct, 2007

John Lennon was right. Happiness truly is a warm gun. In Riga with a group of lads, it was maybe inevitable that we would end up gravitating towards an afternoon playing with guns. There are numerous tours available in the city advertising shooting…Read More

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Impressions and Observations

Written by Piscean Amber on 01 Mar, 2005

Remembrances of Latvia – September 1, 1995 Riga is getting ready to celebrate its 800th birthday in 2001. There is scaffolding around the President’s Palace and work seems to be in progress everywhere. I was grumbling about a large crane that was messing up my panoramic…Read More

Latvian handicrafts to take back home

Written by marif on 20 Dec, 2004

Riga's daily indoor food market on Pragas iela, behind the railway station, is housed inside five huge Zeppelin hangars built for the military in the 1930s. The products for sale range from vegetables, fresh fruit, and flowers to meat, fish, and dairy products. Everything is…Read More

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Black Magic

Written by unorthodox traveler on 29 Nov, 2000

Black Magic is a very strong drink, produced in Latvia, and nowhere else in the world, since 1755. At the Cafe, Marrutku Maizites, I was introduced to this drink, with a warning that I had better have a strong heart. What's in this drink??? Who really knows...its…Read More

The food bazaar

Written by Breathmints on 13 Mar, 2002

In Riga, there is a place where food of top quality and characterized by freshness surrounds you from every angle. From fish to chcolate to yogurt to honey to bread to meat to pigeons, this rigan food bazaar is basically seen from roofs everywhere…Read More

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