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The Town

Written by SeenThat on 27 Oct, 2010

Why? Why should I visit Copacabana, if I have already seen Sorata, Coroico and any other number of Bolivian small towns? There are three good reasons for that: the Cerro Calvario, the Catedral de la Virgen de Copacabana, and the Titicaca Lake. Copacabana is built…Read More

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Come Mellow High Water

Written by Niiko on 12 Jan, 2010

Outside the Cathedral, all whitewashed Moorish curves against rich blue sky, crowds mill, garlands are passed and the Priest performs his blessings. Those receiving the goodwill are dressed for the occasion, bedecked with flowers, and have been polished to a gleaming finish. Car blessings are…Read More

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Crossing to Peru: Khasani and Parquipujio

Written by SeenThat on 30 Jan, 2007

The most popular way to cross to Peru from Copacabana, Bolivia, is from Khasani, nine kilometers south from the town. Minivans and taxi leave during the day from the plaza on 6 de Agosto Street; minivans charge 2.5BOB, while shared taxis 6BOB. Both leave only…Read More

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