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Written by onesundaymorning on 26 Aug, 2007

At the heart of Kansai is Osaka, one of the largest cities in Japan only surpassed by Tokyo. My trip here wasn’t about finding any historical or cultural attractions, but instead to find one of the greatest impacts that Japan has on the world: fashion.…Read More

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Shop and eat till you drop!

Written by Composthp on 06 Jun, 2003

Singaporeans are vorocious shoppers and foodies, and Osaka is food/shopping heaven for us! Coupled with a travelling companion who needs two hourly, small feedings (no, she does not have ulcers, just a small stomach and a fast metabolic rate), we were perpetually looking for food…Read More

Takatori mountain, Kobe

Written by david on 07 Jul, 2000

It is a regular practice of the Japanese retired to form a morning hiking group to daily ascend a nearby mountain. Takatori mountain is a particularly popular spot as the surrounding neighborhoods are traditional and local, and perched at the summit is a centuries…Read More

Arima Onsen (hot spring), Kobe

Written by david on 07 Jul, 2000

Nestled in a valley just over the Rokko Mountains, Arima Onsen makes a wonderful day-trip from Kobe or Osaka. Busses run (in both directions) from Hankyu Ashiya and JR Ashiyagawa stations, and the Kobe Dentetsu (railway) terminates there, but a hike over the Rokko Mountain…Read More

Hakagure Udon Shop, Osaka, Umeda

Written by david on 07 Jul, 2000

While Tokyo has (and even Kansai people will admit) superior Soba, you will never get a bowl of Udon which compares to that rolled out at Hagakure. The narrow, ever-busy shop is located in the lower level of the DaiSan building in Osaka's central…Read More

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Kasuganomichi, Kobe's Korea town

Written by david on 26 Jun, 2000

Walk 5 min. south of Hankyu Railway Kasuganomichi station and you will find a large, thriving ShoTenGai (pedestrian shopping street) dominated by Korean food markets and clothing stores. For the resident the vegetables are cheaper and fresher than most supermarkets, and rarer treats like large…Read More

Kobe's Meriken Park

Written by david on 26 Jun, 2000

An escape from the shopping-oriented crowds of Sannomiya and Motomachi (the center of Kobe) quiet Meriken Park, in effect a large pier jutting out into Osaka bay, is just a short walk directly south of JR (Japan Railway) Motomachi Station. The pier was…Read More

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Convenience Stores

Written by david on 27 Jan, 2004

Convenience stores are a good measure of the general cross-cut interests of a society/people. In Taiwan they smell of medicinal tea eggs. In the United states it's hot dogs and nachos. India doesn't really have them yet, but convenience (konbeni) stores have been fully integrated…Read More

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Vending Machines

Written by david on 27 Jan, 2004

Japan uses vending machines for everything from train tickets (they accept ¥10,000 notes, hard to imagine paying for a NYC subway token with $100), beer, pre-cooked spaghetti, and manga to a high school girl's old underwear [ The Daily Yomiuri. "Dealers of Used…Read More

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Spa World and Festival Gate

Written by david on 27 Jan, 2004

The Onsen (hot spring) has a special place in Japanese culture. There are books, magazines, and package tours centered around Onsen, and it is the premiere way to relax in a society where words like "gaman" (endure/bear) and "ganbaru" (strive your hardest) are heard almost…Read More

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