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Assorted Airlines, Airports & Arrivals! Part 6

Written by Harv_y on 23 Apr, 2008

So we've had our fun from being in Kenya for a month and it's still looking like it's too expensive to get the wife to Tenerife for Xmas and I still haven't booked my flight there either so it's time to start looking for the…Read More

Assorted Airlines, Airports & Arrivals!!!!! Part 5

Written by Harv_y on 09 Oct, 2007

It's the 27th November and somethng like 5 O'clock in the morning. I've spent almost a month with my wife and due to the heavy rains have only managed to get to see Mother and Father-In-Law and those relatives that still live with him on…Read More

Assorted Airlines, Airports & Arrivals! Part 4!

Written by Harv_y on 19 Sep, 2007

So now we are waiting at a terminal the other side of Zurich Airport for a plane to arrive to take us to Nairobi and ooh look some people are going on To Dar-Es-Salaam. Now that I know I've got an hour's wait I decide…Read More

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Written by Wasatch on 19 Mar, 2007

We left Nairobi on our second safari on a highway running along the fenced boundary of Nairobi National Park. A few miles down the road, I said to the guide, "12 ostrich on the right." He said, "15. You missed three in that bush." The…Read More

Nairobi is just not Nairobbery

Written by Tania Riddell on 30 Mar, 2004

Would you believe that Nairobi was once a boggy watering hole for the Maasai? In the 19th century, it became a town of substantial buildings and then five years later succeeded Mombasa as the capital. Nairobi is a city of contrasts - smart office workers,…Read More

Getting To and Around Nairobi

Written by chloe_day on 16 Sep, 2003

Nairobi is obviously very easy to get to from other parts of the country and neighbouring nations. Akamba buses are the best and the only company that runs to a timetable and allows you to reserve seats. They run twice daily services from Western Kenya.…Read More

Craft Shopping

Written by chloe_day on 17 Sep, 2003

Nairobi offers some great craft shopping opportunities, and whilst things might cost more here than in other parts of the country, you can still pick up some real bargains. As you would expect, stall owners at the markets tend to be more willing to haggle with…Read More

Assorted Airlines, Airports & Arrivals! Part 8

Written by Harv_y on 10 May, 2008

January 2007-After 2 weeks the wife decided she’d had enough of me and that it was time to send me home to Britain to earn her spending Money! (lol). We decided to stay at The Manson Hotel again as overall it had provided a reasonable…Read More

Assorted Airlines, Airports & Arrivals!! Part 2

Written by Harv_y on 31 May, 2007

In June 2005, I flew to Kenya once more, this time from Heathrow (T4) to Nairobi via Amsterdam on KLM. The price was £398 and a few pennies, as usual. I had chosen the cheapest flight offered booked through Expedia.co.uk who, on this occasion, weren't…Read More

Assorted Airlines,Arrivals & Airports! Part 1

Written by Harv_y on 31 May, 2007

I first visited Kenya in June 2004 to meet my then-girlfriend's family and have made a few trips since then using different airlines, airports, and travel agents/websites. Having done a few trips I thought it might be useful to do a review of those that…Read More

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