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Time to Kill? – How about Exploring Central Nairobi?

Written by actonsteve on 04 Nov, 2008

There are various thrills to travel but none but that rush of adrenalin when you "fit" into your new environment. The creeping realisation that no one is looking at you – no one is going to accost you. You can move from A to B…Read More

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Practicalities of Nairobi – Enjoying your Time in the Capital

Written by actonsteve on 03 Nov, 2008

IntroNairobi’s reputation precedes it.I found it to be OK, although many tourists pass through – it’s not really a tourist city. It’s one of Africa’s powerhouse cities. A city of skyscrapers, crowds and shantytowns where money passes through the country. But the truth be told…Read More

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Written by byuistheshiz on 13 Nov, 2006

I recently had the opportunity to visit Kenya. While I was there, I took a 5- day safari on the Masai Mara with my mom and grandma. The experiences were unforgettable. In Nairobi, we stayed at the Norfolk hotel. This is…Read More

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A visit with the Maasai

Written by mooncross on 15 Jun, 2002

The words of the song in the Maa language of the Maasai are incomprehensible to my ears. I look down the long line of young men and women who are welcoming us and am somewhat relieved to see my mild embarrassment at this (paid) visit…Read More

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Nairobi souvenir shopping: an experience in itself

Written by mooncross on 15 Jun, 2002

Walking? On foot? Two girls, alone? In Nairobi? Shocked, the receptionist's eyes flick from me to D. and back. We have just asked her if she knows about walking tours in the city of Nairobi, and she is appalled. Apparently, walking is for the poor…Read More

Kenya-Getting There. The Summary IIIb

Written by Harv_y on 24 Jun, 2008

The future?The Airlines to MombasaThe following airlines I have used for my 3 trips using MBA Airport which I always strive to avoid. I will also now strive to avoid First Choice airlines and anything to do with Thomson Holidays when travelling to Kenya, though…Read More

Kenya-Getting There. Summary IIIa. Airlines

Written by Harv_y on 19 Jun, 2008

The AirlinesLONDON-NAIROBIThe first 7 airlines mentioned are the ones I’ve travelled with to Kenya. One has now changed names and has since merged with another one and they now use the others airline. I will put them in the order of preference as before with…Read More

Kenya-Getting There. Summary Part IIa. Airports

Written by Harv_y on 11 Jun, 2008

As the precedent has been set I’ll stick to putting them in the order I’ve found them most useful or appealing or in the case of one of them so far back in the queue I’d like to put them further back than last place.…Read More

Assorted Airlines, Airports & Arrivals! PartX

Written by Harv_y on 10 Jun, 2008

After getting through Immigration I get to the customs man who surprise, surprise stops me and says he has to search my bags as well as asking If I had any presents for anybody, said no I was returning things to my wife. He asks…Read More

Assorted Airlines, Airports & Arrivals! PartIX

Written by Harv_y on 04 Jun, 2008

We’ve got to November 2008 and still no further with the “wonderful” visa people for all sorts of reasons. Having had a stressful year and not having seen my wife for almost a year I started looking for flights to Kenya, hoping to find a…Read More

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