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The Cruise

Written by kylebarber on 17 Jul, 2001

The tour representative hired a minibike with trailer attached as a coach for me and my skipper and off we went down muddy back roads. We stopped at a gravel pit along the river’s shore where we boarded a long flat boat that seemed…Read More

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The Landing

Written by kylebarber on 17 Jul, 2001

I knew the driver wanted to abbreviate the trip, but I was surprised when he claimed a deserted bank was a "village", our point of turning around. He dropped me off at the shore and indicated that I should be back in a half…Read More

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The Setup

Written by kylebarber on 17 Jul, 2001

During my stay in Guilin I had planned on embarking on a cruise down the Li River, the major attraction in the Guangxi region of China. But perhaps due to the low season or the heavy rains there was only one trip planned for…Read More

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