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Written by britgirl7 on 08 Sep, 2005

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight We took the early bus to Tikal. I say bus, but really this was a van with busted-up windows and missing pieces, but it got us there. The ride took about an hour through small…Read More

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Written by britgirl7 on 08 Sep, 2005

From Belize City we wanted to fly into FLORES and then take the bus out once we were done, just to see the sights from both land and air. It was a good choice, as both modes of transport were quite an adventure. After boarding…Read More

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Transportation at the Right Price

Written by paulnag on 21 Jan, 2005

Here's the deal when crossing the border into Guatemala from Belize (I crossed at Benque Viejo de Carmen, near San Ignacio). First, take a taxi (no cheaper option exists, except walking - it’s a pretty short distance), from Benque to the border. When…Read More

Waiting for Rednecks (leaving Tikal)

Written by ShannonBrooke on 12 Aug, 2003

We slept poorly, as Alli started to get bad stomach cramps in the middle of the night. Also, I kept waking up in a panic because right as I was about to fall asleep, a spider had fallen into the bed. I was on guard…Read More

Getting to Tikal

Written by ShannonBrooke on 26 Jul, 2003

Early in the morn, we leave for Tikal. It's one heck of a long drive and we've gotten up very early. Luckily, Eva's Bar has very good strong coffee. I had pre-booked our Tikal trip with Guatemala Ecological Adventures. If I had gone through Lenny,…Read More

Getting Here and There and Everywhere

Written by Ngibson on 31 Mar, 2006

My friends tell me stories of the days when it used to take 8 hours to get from Flores to Tikal. In those days locals and tourists were required to literally push and pull buses in and out of mud holes.Fortunately for today's travelers those…Read More

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Overview of El Remate with Travel Tips

Written by Ngibson on 06 Feb, 2006

As I rode into El Remate on the Acuna Shuttle service from Coban on January 4, 2006, I reflected on all the changes I've seen in Guatemala over the last 8 years. The first time I arrived in El Remate with my husband, in 1998,…Read More

Exciting spelunking and being lazy on the road to Tikal

Written by CaptainChaos on 19 Feb, 2001

On the main highway to Tikal from the capitol, is the town of Poptun. There are a great many caves in this area. The best place to stay is the Finca Ixobel, a sort of travellers resort. you pay $10 a day,…Read More

Flores is a scenic colonial town

Written by CaptainChaos on 19 Feb, 2001

Situated on an island in the middle a lake, Flores makes for a very scenic and enjoyable respite while visiting Tikal. The streets are narrow and winding, and the houses are clearly of Spanish colonial, with overhanging balconies, and central gardens. …Read More

Luscious jungle ruins

Written by CaptainChaos on 19 Feb, 2001

Tikal isn't just a few temples or pyramids, it is the name of the once thriving city. An old world metropolis. And it is really an amalgamation of buildings covering more than 100 square Kilometers. Huge. Fortunately the main section…Read More

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