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Day Trip to Kinsale and the Cork Coast

Written by sararevell on 29 Sep, 2010

The city of Cork is only a half hour drive from the quaint fishing village of Kinsale but the difference is such that it feels worlds away from Ireland’s gritty second city. To be honest, we wished that we had stayed here instead of Cork.…Read More

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A Strange Saturday Night Walk Around Cork

Written by sararevell on 29 Sep, 2010

We hadn’t intended to walk around Cork too much on the night we arrived but as it happened, we ended up circling a bit trying to find the Mutton Lane Inn. We did eventually find it but we were so famished (they don’t serve food)…Read More

Clonakilty weekend

Written by laura ruiz on 30 Jul, 2004

Clonakilty Weekend This tour starts with a historical narrative about West Cork of the 1940s. You can have a fun and memorable day out in Clonakilty, located overlooking Clonakilty Bay on the coast road to the magnificent blue flag beach of Inchidoney.…Read More

Pubs and CLubs

Written by elecis on 23 Jul, 2004

Nightlife in Cork, Ireland If you try to picture Ireland in your mind, you might picture rolling hills, green grass and small cottages. On the other hand, you might think of small pubs where people are singing and drinking beer. Well, I am sure that Ireland…Read More

Kinsale - Our Gourmet Capital

Written by Finu on 10 May, 2003

We set off on Good Friday morning for the long drive to Cork. As a child, I was taken to Cork and Kerry on summer holidays quite often. While I always loved the holiday, the six-hour drive was the big obstacle to be…Read More

West Cork in the Rain

Written by Erin M on 30 Sep, 2005

The Easy Tour bus picked us up at the tourism center and headed for West Cork. I had no idea what to expect, really. We passed a lot of areas that had cows and sheep and a number of very popular fishing areas. Our first…Read More

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Paris and The Ring of Kerry

Written by patyg on 20 Oct, 2003

On our second weekend, we decided to go to Paris. There are not enough words to describe how beautiful this city is. Someone here at the office suggested to take the red bus, so we did, and it is one of the best things we…Read More


Written by EDGAR EB8 on 30 Jul, 2004

Baltimore, located on the west of Ireland about two and a half hours from Cork, is a very touristy place. A lot of Irish people have a holiday house there. Restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops are very common. At the pier you will find a…Read More

First Days in Cork

Written by laura ruiz on 27 Jul, 2004

The first week in Cork We went to the Cork office. It seems to be as big as the Mexico office. We met other guides from France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, England, Malta, Italy and many other nationalities. They are really nice guys. Then we went…Read More

What to do

Written by Blue Angel on 22 Aug, 2003

Cork City centre is not very big and you can do it by foot. The MUSTs are: the English market (covered mall with lots of little shops), St Finbarr’s Cathedral, and the Cork City jail. If you are thirsty, you can visit the Beamish brewery…Read More

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