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Crossing the road in Palermo

Written by Slug on 30 Dec, 2011

One of the most daunting things for many Palermo visitors is fairly fundamental to get right. Without the skill of crossing the road, your wandering around the city will become a daunting trial. Just remember by the end of the week you are likely to…Read More

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Dealing with the Italian siesta

Written by Slug on 27 Dec, 2011

Palermo is a most typically Italian of cities, largely sticking to the afternoon concept of a siesta. For the visitor it can be very frustrating; you might have three museums you wish to visit, lunch to fit in, and suddenly halfway through the day everything…Read More

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Taking a stroll along Palermo Seafront

Written by Slug on 26 Dec, 2011

As we live miles from the sea, one of our "must do" things is to take a stroll along the seafront whenever we can. While it seems that Palermo has made a bit of effort with its sea front in recent years with a new…Read More

Sicily Restroom Etiquette

Written by Slug on 18 Dec, 2011

I don't usually wax lyrical about washrooms, rest rooms or toilets when I visit a country, but have concluded there might be some helpful information to be offered about Sicilian restaurant and bar toilets following our recent visit to Palermo and Marsala.Tip 1: Is the…Read More

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Our 2 Favorite Things of Sicily: People & Food

Written by airynfaerie on 07 Dec, 2009

Our arrival in Palermo was smooth after a 2 hr bus ride along the coast from the western edge where we spent the first part of our Sicily trip. By lunchtime we had arrived at the house of our local host who welcomed us with…Read More

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Introduction to Palermo

Written by Drever on 21 Nov, 2005

Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, is a mixture of ostentation and poverty, a place of beauty that is ugly in places, and a city in which to wear a money belt and keep an eye on your camera. My wife hated it on sight,…Read More

Palermo, not just mosaics and skeletons!

Written by davidx on 25 Oct, 2002

Since the mosaics and the skeletons of Palermo have their own pages, the only things the places on this page have in common is that they are in Palermo but come in neither category. The church of San Catoldo is right next to the Martorana [see…Read More

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Has Not Yet "Freed" from the Mafia

Written by Zhebiton on 08 Jul, 2010

I can not say that I liked Palermo - feels that the city has not yet "freed" from the mafia. For the main avenues to walk normally, but in side streets sometimes complete rout. Pleasant walk along the beautiful promenade, enjoying the view of…Read More

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